March 31, 2006

Cheer-up Charlie!

Stonesoup may have a new lease on life thanks to carla! Hurrah! I didn't really want to go to just LJ. I like stonesoup, it is a boutique blogging center!

Other things that have cheered me up recently:

Hugging Sass,
Having Scarlett over,
Muggle cooking us pie,
Piripi doing the dishes,
Making a beautiful hat and getting paid for it,
Oh, having my birthday with many people coming!
Seeing ex-flattie "Cookie" and having a nice chat with her,
Deciding to go visit my Beau in Mastertron,
Going to Millinery class and knowing what to do!
Presents and presents leading to hot baths,
Having the Principal watch a class and the students be *very* good,
Having the Principal say "very good" when she left,
Weighing less than I ever have since I started weighing myself recently,
Buying my breakfast at a bakery....shush!


Point of Fashion: Miss, you look weird but cool
Current Obsession: To go to Martinborough on the way back or not?


I forgot to add that I also got post from Japan Yesterday! Pretty, pretty card.

I might add more stuff later as I remember it.

Like, it is sunny today!!

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March 23, 2006

Goodbye stonesoup!

The end of stonesoup is nigh. It makes me a bit sad. I'm not sure what will happen with the archives. I should save all my posts on a DVD or something though.

In other news. My birthday is soon! Saturday even. I have 44 people down on the list to come and am almost hopeful that some people don't turn up. It may be ridiculously crowded. I was supposed to start saying "No" to people when it got to 40, but I *couldn't*! Luckily some people dropped out today, otherwise the numbers would be more ridiculous.

How did I get to have this many people wanting to come to celebrate me? I must just be friendly. Also, many friends come with another person attached. Thus double the friends for half the effort... or something?

I don't know if people are having difficulties with presents? Noone has really said anything and I don't expect everyone to give them to me, although I do expect that I will get *some*! Anyhoo, hear is some stuff I would like:

Flannelette pajamas
Flannelette sheets!
Clothes, particularly merino tops, I got a few from House of G last year for about $30 each and I've been seeing them around again this year. I *love* them for layering and keeping me warm and healthy. I would particularly like something pale lavender 'cause I have several pairs of socks with that colour on them. ;)
OTK and Thigh high socks and stockings. Also regular stockings.
Another tracksuit. The one Zeph gave me last year has had *lots* of wear.
Lush bath stuff! I have got a bath.
Honey hive stuff, particularly fruit wines and methlegin (ginger mead).
A watch. My last one was a digital and was given to me for a birthday a few years ago. It was sadly lost in Motueka. I'm hoping my Aunt has found it! I really need one for school. :(
Oh, I like home baking/cooking! mmmm.

I just like presents so most stuff is good. Except candles and ornaments. I'm sorry if you think you have a perfect one for me. I actually like them fine, I just feel our house is quite full enough of them.

Remember no presents is fine, your presence is a great one!

Point of Fashion: If the Straightjacket fits
Current Obesession: Can't keep my mind on anything long enough

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March 22, 2006

Walkies on Sunday?

Indepth info on walkies from my Dad
Hi folks… here's some garbled details for our walk on Sunday 26 March 2006.

Start: either (a) Wn railway stn platform 9 at 9:15am, or (b) Peter and Ushi Keller's place 44 Richard Street at 10:00am

We can park in parking areas in Richard Street and we will do a loop walk and come back to the same place. Peter's house is right by the start/finish of the walk.

Peter has kindly invited us for a cuppa before we head out. This may also allow some breathing space for the relics of Giffy's Party of the night before to catch up.

The walk will take us about 3 hrs I guess, and weather permitting Peter and Ushi have invited us to have a BBQ back at their house when we get there… so bring the usual.

Remember to bring protection from bad weather and we will be on an exposed coastline, and wear strong shoes. We will do this even if the weather looks bad.

You will recall Peter and Ushi, two small children and one dog, from the Butterfly Creek walk last year.

This webpage has a plan (pdf) for our proposed walk prepared by Peter Keller…

If you can view these maps, then Peter's comments following relate to them.

"A" 1st state house in Titahi Bay. This street has some intersting state houses. I think they let the architects have some artistic freedom for a little while.

"B" Ice cream shop.

"C" WG Baker's house (19th century artist).

"D" Our house (44 Richard St). Room for two cars to park at the very end of the street. Rest can park further down.

Giffy has found these other links…

This page also seems useful!
It has details on Whitireia Park, and also has a link to a street map to the start of the walk at Titahi Bay (Richards Street)

Hope to see you there.

Please ring me or Giffy if you will be seeking a ride from Platform 9… just
to make sure we don't leave without you.
Cheers, Giffy's Dad

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March 17, 2006

Must Wear Green

Happy Birthday Granny!

You would be turning 92 today, I think. I hope you are well, because the last time I saw you, you weren't so good. I'm wearing green for you, which has shades of your name in it. How strange will my own children and grandchildren find my wearing a colour for someone long gone? They will never have known you and I might not have the time to tell them of you.

You are someone who loved me unconditionally and that is something that I think every child and teenager needs. I hope all my students have someone like you and I hope I get to be that person for others also.

I love you and think of you often and I am sure that if you can, you think of me.

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March 16, 2006

Springs of Joy and Wells of Despair

The week started well but, I keep feeling low. Mostly whenever I'm alone. Just missing Beau and being unhappy with myself. Feeling ugly, internally, externally. Logically, I can "look" at myself and see that it isn't true... but then another part of me goes, it is so true. Probably due to tiredness.

I'm also not enjoying heading to bed. Evenings are social and friendly and entertaining and I enjoy them. Bedtime means an end to that. However, in the mornings I cling to my bed, cocooned and warm I deny the outside world. At least until the snooze alarm goes off, again.

One of the teachers at school resigned recently. It was unexpected for a lot of people. She hasn't got a plan regarding what she is doing. Her husband and her have an agreement that she simply must earn $200 a week. She is keen to have a look around and try something different. I am envious.

Having people over has been great for me. Just chilling and talking and eating and walking. I *am* happy when others are around and don't think about or dwell on ... stuff. So, if you have seen me recently and am surprised to hear I'm not feeling great, I was when you saw me.

Getting socks was great. It's like a present 'cause it's so long since I paid for it. I wore my mint and lilac super stripes today with my garter belt to hold them up. Definitely a good idea to get the garter belt, don't have to worry about them rolling down. I'm still trying to sort out how exactly to deal with it when I got to the toilet though!

I'm off to call my Beau. It's his birthday today and I sent him a present. I'm pretty sure he'll like it. I like him. I'm looking forward to seeing him this weekend. We're going to be hanging with his whanau on Friday and I think he's gonna try to arrange to see friends on Sat, which is good. I wish to see my Tasha and my Zeph. It is Zeph's birthday on Sat. Hopefully her present arrives in time!

Point of Fashion: want to say the socks but I've changed to exercise.
Current Obsession: Me and whether I do everything wrong.

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March 15, 2006

No cheese was damaged

Last night sokky and nickp came over for cheese. I did not give them any!! That is 'cause we were all full up on our dinner of schnitzel and chips and mixed vege. Plus our dessert of bread and butter pudding!!

Nick also ate sushi.

Muggle and Sass both aren't coming home this week until after 7pm so it is nice for me to have ppl in the house. Speaking of houses, we also watched House last night and we liked it!

Sok and Nick are going to try coming over again today to defeat the cheese. Tonight I think we shall attempt to eat it *before* dinner!

So, yeah. I also have heaps of marking to do! Yikes!

Point of Fashion: Brown
Current Obsession: Millinery

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March 12, 2006

Back once again..

Had a fun time up the coast. It was especially good, 'cause I've been missing my Jenni and I got to spend the drives up and back with her. Driving time is good for talking!

Unfortunately my Beau couldn't get the weekend off. He is missing me and I missed him terribly. The worst moment was this morning when we went for a jog and then played soccer and chucked frisbees around. On the walk back I couldn't help but think of other times he and I have been hanging out with people and ended up playing soccer etc. He always really enjoys it, even though neither of us have any ball skills. Inevitably at some stage I will run up to him from behind and wrap my arms about his neck and just sorta drag him down in a friendly and annoying manner. It's affectionate, honest! Anyway, I couldn't, 'cause he wasn't there and I could hardly do it to anyone else. That is something small and silly that we share and we didn't get to share it this weekend.

I played 2 games this weekend and drank 4 glasses of different wines.
I got to go in the hot tub and eat various meats on sticks.
I got to sleep on a couch and stay up too late bothering Mash with my talking.
I got to "trap" Debz between my thighs and borrow Sam's shoes.
I got to be the Side Kick and overthrow the Queen Bee.
I got be brutally honest and run off with my brother.

Can't think of much else, it was awesome.

Oh, Friday night was also good! Drinks and Mercury and dinner at Cha are fun. Also got to show off my supercute hat. I totally felt like a star when I walked into Mercury. Got some really good talking time with Sokky, Chelle and Zeph. Got talking time with other lovelies as well, but not enough!

*cuddles* to my beautiful wonderful friends.

Point of Fashion: The 1 is falling off.
Current Obsession: Soup currently cooking in the pot!

I x-post this in LJ where the comments aren't broken.

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March 06, 2006

'Cause my page was empty

Nothing too much to say, but I'll say it anyway!

I miss Beau when he isn't around but get used to it quickly when he is, probably 'cause that is just the way things are supposed to be so it seems natural and normal!

Ali and C came and visited me from the Hawkes Bay. Haven't seem them for ages! Like over a year! They invited us to a family dinner at Cafe Pasha. The food was good, but not as good as I remember it being. That was ages ago though and I may have built it up.

They are also getting married and we finally got to compare engagement rings. Hers is one that she picked out *several* years ago when she visited me at work at Stewart Dawson's!! (Sp?) It was cool 'cause I knew what it would look like. She still had the card that I wrote for her all those years ago with the info etc on it. Apparently the sales person there wanted to keep it!

Ali also bought me several types of fabulous cheese and I got to eat some of them today with Sokky! She came over and hung out with me and gave me some sheet music I might try to learn for G&S. It seems very high and tricky! We might go to J-jo's next week and work on it. Yay!

School is much better after a Monday than after a Friday. Maybe that's because I don't have both my junior classes after lunch on a Monday! CAUSE I DO ON A FRIDAY!!

Anyhoo... The sit-ups and no potato lent thing are going fine. Haven't really affected me. The exercise is going well. I believe another kilo has been lost! Yay! 3 more and I'm allowed to buy *new clothes*!! We'll see if it happens.

Vaguely related: At the supermarket the other day I saw a Meg Cabot book and I bought it: "Size 12 is not Fat". It seems to be aimed at an adultish market, but is written in the same style as always, I like it!

Point of Fashion: Soon to bed
Current Obsession: Bed Alone!

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