March 12, 2006

Back once again..

Had a fun time up the coast. It was especially good, 'cause I've been missing my Jenni and I got to spend the drives up and back with her. Driving time is good for talking!

Unfortunately my Beau couldn't get the weekend off. He is missing me and I missed him terribly. The worst moment was this morning when we went for a jog and then played soccer and chucked frisbees around. On the walk back I couldn't help but think of other times he and I have been hanging out with people and ended up playing soccer etc. He always really enjoys it, even though neither of us have any ball skills. Inevitably at some stage I will run up to him from behind and wrap my arms about his neck and just sorta drag him down in a friendly and annoying manner. It's affectionate, honest! Anyway, I couldn't, 'cause he wasn't there and I could hardly do it to anyone else. That is something small and silly that we share and we didn't get to share it this weekend.

I played 2 games this weekend and drank 4 glasses of different wines.
I got to go in the hot tub and eat various meats on sticks.
I got to sleep on a couch and stay up too late bothering Mash with my talking.
I got to "trap" Debz between my thighs and borrow Sam's shoes.
I got to be the Side Kick and overthrow the Queen Bee.
I got be brutally honest and run off with my brother.

Can't think of much else, it was awesome.

Oh, Friday night was also good! Drinks and Mercury and dinner at Cha are fun. Also got to show off my supercute hat. I totally felt like a star when I walked into Mercury. Got some really good talking time with Sokky, Chelle and Zeph. Got talking time with other lovelies as well, but not enough!

*cuddles* to my beautiful wonderful friends.

Point of Fashion: The 1 is falling off.
Current Obsession: Soup currently cooking in the pot!

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