March 06, 2006

'Cause my page was empty

Nothing too much to say, but I'll say it anyway!

I miss Beau when he isn't around but get used to it quickly when he is, probably 'cause that is just the way things are supposed to be so it seems natural and normal!

Ali and C came and visited me from the Hawkes Bay. Haven't seem them for ages! Like over a year! They invited us to a family dinner at Cafe Pasha. The food was good, but not as good as I remember it being. That was ages ago though and I may have built it up.

They are also getting married and we finally got to compare engagement rings. Hers is one that she picked out *several* years ago when she visited me at work at Stewart Dawson's!! (Sp?) It was cool 'cause I knew what it would look like. She still had the card that I wrote for her all those years ago with the info etc on it. Apparently the sales person there wanted to keep it!

Ali also bought me several types of fabulous cheese and I got to eat some of them today with Sokky! She came over and hung out with me and gave me some sheet music I might try to learn for G&S. It seems very high and tricky! We might go to J-jo's next week and work on it. Yay!

School is much better after a Monday than after a Friday. Maybe that's because I don't have both my junior classes after lunch on a Monday! CAUSE I DO ON A FRIDAY!!

Anyhoo... The sit-ups and no potato lent thing are going fine. Haven't really affected me. The exercise is going well. I believe another kilo has been lost! Yay! 3 more and I'm allowed to buy *new clothes*!! We'll see if it happens.

Vaguely related: At the supermarket the other day I saw a Meg Cabot book and I bought it: "Size 12 is not Fat". It seems to be aimed at an adultish market, but is written in the same style as always, I like it!

Point of Fashion: Soon to bed
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