April 29, 2006

Wellington Armageddon 2006

Well, it seems littler than previous years, or else I seem bigger? There is definitely less Anime than last year and sadly Madman didn't bring Azumanga 6, only boxed sets. They also didn't bring any manga.

Anime Anytime had a bunch of cute plushies this morning but heaps of them were gone before even midday. Boo. I have plans to get some sent to me from OZ though. I must have Kyo, Yuki and Shigure dressed up in animal outfits. Sooo cute!

I have also plans to get Fruits Baskets manga vol 12-17! That is lots of manga. It's kinda mad, but I know I want it and it won't get any cheaper.

I've been trying to decide if I actually want to buy any anime. Not sure at all. Gravitation is a possibility, rock band and Boy love anyone?

Point of Fashion: Old Ugly Comfy at Home Jersey.
Current Obsession: Will Beau Come Home?

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April 28, 2006

frustration, anyone?

I came into school yesterday and today. I came to help the music teacher with the choir and I also came to do my own work, namely tidying/ decorating my room and marking some assessments.

Well, yesterday went to my room to put up some banners and posters I painstakingly made using Publisher and my room was a mess! Seriously. They were supposed to do work on it last week and they were still apparently working on it. Anyhoo, I scrambled amongst the wreckage and stuck my stuff up anyway.

I went in again today to check if there had been any progress, well the mess is gone, but my room is still unusable 'cause the desks and chairs have all been pushed to the edges so that they could vacuum or something. I hope it is sorted by Monday otherwise that will waste a good 15 min of class time, which works out to about a third of a lesson. Awesome.

I've got 2 of the tests ready to be marked, but I can't be bothered. Think I shall go food shopping instead and then go home and do some work on the corset. I'll take the tests home with me. I doubt I'll do any work on them, but stranger things *have* happened.

Point of Fashion: Tight size 12!
Current Obsession: Oolong Tea

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April 24, 2006

Weird without Bean

Beau and I are on holiday in the supremely beautiful Queenstown Lakes District. We are staying with Bean's mother in their holiday home just outside Wanaka. It's quite near to Puzzleworld, if you know the area at all.

Every day that I have been here I have been for a walk along the Clutha river, except for the day I walked beside the Cardrona. The poplars have shed their leaves earlier this year due to winds and so the ground is littered with gold, stark contrast to the almost black tree skeletons. Other trees have leaves in such a shade of red as to remind me of Evie and Scarlett when they have freshly recoloured their hair. In amongst branches and leaves berries of glorious golds, outrageous oranges and ravishing reds can be seen. Birds are having a good time.

Day before yesterday we drove down to Arrowtown for the Autumn festival. Arrowtown is known for the goldmining that occured mainly in the late 1800's. As part of the Festival they had set up some pools/basins in which you could pan for gold. Beau didn't have a go, but the rest of us did. I got about 5 gold flakes and they are safely sellotaped to a card. I think I will post it to Bean.

My parents also joined us for a couple of nights. They have a bunch of Thai visitors with them so did the obligatory visit to Queenstown yesterday, we then had a BBQ which was an eclectic mix of traditional NZ BBQ and northern Thai food. They headed off for the West coast today.

Beau has been unwell and so has been a bit unhappy. I think his body was just so shocked by not having to get up and go to work that it had a bit of a panic and let him get ill. He has spent the last few days inside except for a brief sojurn to church yesterday. He is definitely on the mend now.

I have made significant process on the corset. All the eyelets have been firmly hammered in and 7 of them have been embroidered over with thread. When I have finished this beast, it had better fit! If it doesn't, I've decided I will snaffle one of the display forms from school (left over from when school used to have sewing classes) and display it at home like the work of art it is. I'm full of plans and ideas for my next one, Hello Kitty, and then the next one, possibly an underbust in grey.

Point of Fashion: Staying indoors
Current Obsession: Missing Bean. She should be here too.

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April 20, 2006

Skin Crawls!

Yargh. Last night I was woken by little scratching noises in my cupboard. It was a mouse. It was 2 mice! I *hate* Hate HATE them! My parents place had a big problem with them. You were always finding their "remains".

There has been no sign of them before yesterday. Don't know why they've shown up this year and not last year. Maybe 'cause the house was tidyier/less crowded? We are going to have to vacuum and just be more careful with our food storage. A trip to the Warewhare for some plastic containers may be in order.

Today I will also be doing some serious tidying and trap buying. I am really looking forward to when muggle and piripi get their cats. Not until June! Does anyone have one we can borrow for a while?

I *hate* them! They make me squeal and jump like a fifties housewife. I can't even deal with their dead bodies well. Yargh!

Point of Fashion: Pajamas
Current Obsession: Wishing mice would just disappear!

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April 19, 2006


So, in my first "real" sewing project, the first one I've ever properly used a pattern for, I don't give myself something easy or straight forward. No! No skirts or slip dresses for me. I choose to make a corset.

Evie has helped me considerably with this. She helped me by telling me what to do regarding those little triangles that show up on patterns. She leant me the pattern and photocopied the instrucitions for me! She did the ordering of the hardware. She helped me with fitting the mock-up. She helped me by providing the materials on which to trace my pattern. She provided the material for my mock-up and she helped me by giving me a space to sit and cut out innumerable copies of my pattern. She came with me and helped choose the materials for the interlining and the lining. She also helped me by making me do it *myself*!

I have done *all* the cutting and sewing for this baby. I had to figure out how to insert a busk on my own. I had to play around with the machine getting an appropriate tension and stitch length. I had to iron on the fusible inter-lining and baste the regular interlining to the fashion fabric. I had to line up grain after grain to make sure the pattern was properly aligned on the fabric. Very important for a corset! I had to make my own decisions about how to put the waist-tape in and how I was going to do the seams. I had to look up what stay-stitch and pick-stitch meant. I have to deal with any mistakes I have done. I will have to sort out the grommets. I will buy my binding and possible any lace trimming. I will lace this thing and I will wear it.

Evie has definitely helped me. To a lesser degree the internet and specifically the LJ corsetmakers community have helped me. Nevertheless, this will be a corset made by me and there is something really fabulous and uplifting about that.

Making this corset is making me feel capable and talented and creative. The only other thing that has made me feel this good is the grey felt I was commissioned to make. My other hats have had varying degrees of assistance from my millinery teacher, but that hat was all me. The problem with the grey felt is that I was paid for it and it was never mine. This corset is all mine.

I am woman, hear me laugh gleefully!

Point of Fashion: I will exercise before I go out!
Current Obsession: Getting this corset finished before going to Wanaka!

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April 18, 2006

Gah! Unfair deletion!

I just spent ages doing a big blog on the weekend since Friday to last night and when closing another tab I also managed to close the one that had that info on it. This has happened a couple of times before (the two tabs closing at once thing), but it has *never* been so annoying!!

You'll just have to ask me about the weekend 'cause I *cannot* be bothered writing it out again.


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April 11, 2006

Just a taste!

Only 2 more days until school is over for the term. I can't wait. I kinda wish it was over-over, but no. I shall definitely last out until the end of the year. If only so I can go on the Japanese trip! It might even be that at the end of the year I am full of vim and vigour and ready for more. Might.

Yesterday was Jonno and C-L's wedding. I couldn't get leave. It would have been non-paid leave and on a Parent-teacher day in the last week of term with all my classes having assessments on the following days. Was not going to happen. However, I did have a non-contact that started just after the wedding was due to start and it was interval before that, so I would have got to see some of the ceremony. Again didn't happen, wedding events took time and conspired so that I only got to see the couple arrive together before I had to leave. They both looked beautiful. I am really happy I got to see them. Jonno looked dashing in his suit and C-L managed to almost look relaxed in a completely gorgeous dress.

I should really do more planning on *my* wedding. Errr...

Easter is coming up and I don't know that I'll actually have much time for relaxing. Beau and i are supposed to be headed to Wanaka, but we haven't booked flights yet. I imagine we shall be paying through the nose, but I think we do both still want to go.

I bought a box of Oolong tea a few months ago and I opened it today. I like it. I've had about 4 cups so far... I hope it isn't bad for me. I think I might bring my little teapot with me to Hokio. On the weekend Beau and I went to Tea leaf and on Jenni's recommendation I bought some turkish apple tea. I like it. It is sweet enough as it is. I don't need to add any sugar!

mm-mm herbal teas make me happy.

Point of Fashion: Exercycly goodness
Current Obsession: Now that the crimson wave is being surfed, will my weight finally go down again??

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April 10, 2006

The storm released me

Last night I woke up at 1am all itchy and hot and couldn't sleep. Things smelt funny, Beau was like a radiator, the blankets felt strange. I dozed fitfully until I remember seeing huge lighting and hearing thunder. I believe I mumbled something like " Look at the lunder". Hearing the rain pouring down and the rumble of thunder I was suddenly able to relax.

Have had a pretty busy weekend with Beau over. Had planned to hang out with Evie on Friday but she wasn't well so was having people at her place and Beau arrived in Wgtn 2 hours later than he said he would, so we just ended up at home. Which has plusses.

Managed to drag ourselves out of bed to the stonesoup brunch, which was very cool. I'm glad stonesoup isn't over and I'm extra glad Carla figured out how to fix comments!! Lil sis Bambi met us there. After that we meandered down to Dymocks. Took ages to get there and I was wearing my adorable brown boots which aren't much fun to walk any kind of distance in, but it was bearable. Plus, adorable! Meandered back to the car. Which was all the exercise I did that day. Lazy Giffy!

To make up for the lazy week I've had I did 2 lots of 5k on the treadmill at Beau's parents on Sunday. I also ate two puddings, so not so great. My weight is up again. I'll try and get it down this week. I partly blame bad food, but also bloating due to PMT. I really want to get to 70kg in the holidays so that I can *finally* shop! I think Beau is worried about how much I might spend. Fair enough.

Meh, Parent-teacher interviews today. Suck-bite.

Wedding today, which I can't get leave for. Should be able to do a fly-by though.

Point of Fashion: look parents, I'm all teachery!
Current Obsession: Boo, Beau goes back to Masterton.

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April 07, 2006


Woke up grumpy this morning 'cause the outside sensor light didn't get turned off last night so as other people left in the morning it turned on and shone straight into my room! It is an easy thing to forget to do 'cause it only comes one when someone goes in front of the sensor and by the time you get inside it often isn't shining anymore. It only took away about 15 minutes of my possible sleep, but I really wanted those minutes!

I'm also getting annoyed by the kitchen. Muggle and Sass have both cooked the last few days so they probably don't feel that they need to do the dishes. But, I did them last time and I also have cooked since then. I hate dishes stand-offs. I'll probably do some now.

Other things in the kitchen that are bugging me is people not eating left-overs or other already cooked food. It's ok when they just make enough food for them and do their own dishes, but it bugs me when someone is just cooking for themself and makes enough for several meals and *there was enough food for them already made in the fridge*. I know that I do this sometimes, but it still bugs me. It happens partly 'cause you don't feel like whatever is there, or you think everyone else will be eating dinner at home, but then it just turns out to be you.

I'm not really looking forward to Sass moving out 'cause she's my friend and I won't see her as much, but I am looking forward to having more space in our house.


I'll be seeing Beau today! Yay! He is *finally* getting away from Masterton for the weekend without needing me to go and pick him up. I've actually quite enjoyed our time alone in the Wairarapa and offered to go and fetch him and stay up there tonight, but he is keen to get away ASAP. Fair enough really.

Probably going to the Matterhorn tonight and will see Evie! Haven't seen her for a while, so that'll be good. Also get a chance to catch up with others I've missed seeing for the past age.

I have Entertainment card and Matterhorn is on there so might get to use that too! Good! I am hungry for food that does not end up with me having to do dishes!

Today was a pretty good weight morning, even though I didn't get exercise last night, bad Giffy. Will attempt to get home asap and exercycle before going out today. Also means I can watch Starting Over House. Ahh, sometimes I love having cable.

Point of Fashion: How loose is too loose?
Current Obsession: I have *so* not done everyhting I needed to do this morning.. wait just realised I can do marking at lunch! Phew!

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April 04, 2006

GYaH!! or A Break From Parent Teacher Interviews

I've always hated P-T interviews, ever since I was the one being interviewed about. I had times when I was really unhappy, often due to home life, ok, due to the horrible fighting I went through (and sometimes still go through) with my mother. Sometimes I was unhappy at school but happy at home. Either way, I wanted to keep my home life and my school life seperate. P-T interviews prevent this from occuring.

Now that I am a teacher I still hate them. They smack of extra work and pressure. However, they are a good opportunity to get to really push across the "Homework Message" to students. Most of the time it is the "good" kids' parents who come anyway. You tend to find that the "bad" kids' parents aren't bothered enough over their children's education to attend interviews. Which kinda sucks.

I talked to a student and parent earlier about how her mark wasn't necessarily indicative of what she knows. I think she just got confused by the test, because she had already shown that she knew the subject. I was trying to make sure the parent understood that she wasn't doing badly, she had just tested poorly. The student cried! I felt pretty bad, but I know I really didn't do anything this time. I think she was just that disappointed in herself. I hope her Mum gave her a big hug later!

Anyhoo enough rambling, I better go back to the library and see if someone has shown early.

Point of Fashion: Interviews!!
Current Obsession: Interviews!!

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