April 20, 2006

Skin Crawls!

Yargh. Last night I was woken by little scratching noises in my cupboard. It was a mouse. It was 2 mice! I *hate* Hate HATE them! My parents place had a big problem with them. You were always finding their "remains".

There has been no sign of them before yesterday. Don't know why they've shown up this year and not last year. Maybe 'cause the house was tidyier/less crowded? We are going to have to vacuum and just be more careful with our food storage. A trip to the Warewhare for some plastic containers may be in order.

Today I will also be doing some serious tidying and trap buying. I am really looking forward to when muggle and piripi get their cats. Not until June! Does anyone have one we can borrow for a while?

I *hate* them! They make me squeal and jump like a fifties housewife. I can't even deal with their dead bodies well. Yargh!

Point of Fashion: Pajamas
Current Obsession: Wishing mice would just disappear!

Posted by giffy at April 20, 2006 12:15 PM