April 24, 2006

Weird without Bean

Beau and I are on holiday in the supremely beautiful Queenstown Lakes District. We are staying with Bean's mother in their holiday home just outside Wanaka. It's quite near to Puzzleworld, if you know the area at all.

Every day that I have been here I have been for a walk along the Clutha river, except for the day I walked beside the Cardrona. The poplars have shed their leaves earlier this year due to winds and so the ground is littered with gold, stark contrast to the almost black tree skeletons. Other trees have leaves in such a shade of red as to remind me of Evie and Scarlett when they have freshly recoloured their hair. In amongst branches and leaves berries of glorious golds, outrageous oranges and ravishing reds can be seen. Birds are having a good time.

Day before yesterday we drove down to Arrowtown for the Autumn festival. Arrowtown is known for the goldmining that occured mainly in the late 1800's. As part of the Festival they had set up some pools/basins in which you could pan for gold. Beau didn't have a go, but the rest of us did. I got about 5 gold flakes and they are safely sellotaped to a card. I think I will post it to Bean.

My parents also joined us for a couple of nights. They have a bunch of Thai visitors with them so did the obligatory visit to Queenstown yesterday, we then had a BBQ which was an eclectic mix of traditional NZ BBQ and northern Thai food. They headed off for the West coast today.

Beau has been unwell and so has been a bit unhappy. I think his body was just so shocked by not having to get up and go to work that it had a bit of a panic and let him get ill. He has spent the last few days inside except for a brief sojurn to church yesterday. He is definitely on the mend now.

I have made significant process on the corset. All the eyelets have been firmly hammered in and 7 of them have been embroidered over with thread. When I have finished this beast, it had better fit! If it doesn't, I've decided I will snaffle one of the display forms from school (left over from when school used to have sewing classes) and display it at home like the work of art it is. I'm full of plans and ideas for my next one, Hello Kitty, and then the next one, possibly an underbust in grey.

Point of Fashion: Staying indoors
Current Obsession: Missing Bean. She should be here too.

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