April 28, 2006

frustration, anyone?

I came into school yesterday and today. I came to help the music teacher with the choir and I also came to do my own work, namely tidying/ decorating my room and marking some assessments.

Well, yesterday went to my room to put up some banners and posters I painstakingly made using Publisher and my room was a mess! Seriously. They were supposed to do work on it last week and they were still apparently working on it. Anyhoo, I scrambled amongst the wreckage and stuck my stuff up anyway.

I went in again today to check if there had been any progress, well the mess is gone, but my room is still unusable 'cause the desks and chairs have all been pushed to the edges so that they could vacuum or something. I hope it is sorted by Monday otherwise that will waste a good 15 min of class time, which works out to about a third of a lesson. Awesome.

I've got 2 of the tests ready to be marked, but I can't be bothered. Think I shall go food shopping instead and then go home and do some work on the corset. I'll take the tests home with me. I doubt I'll do any work on them, but stranger things *have* happened.

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Posted by giffy at April 28, 2006 04:55 PM