April 29, 2006

Wellington Armageddon 2006

Well, it seems littler than previous years, or else I seem bigger? There is definitely less Anime than last year and sadly Madman didn't bring Azumanga 6, only boxed sets. They also didn't bring any manga.

Anime Anytime had a bunch of cute plushies this morning but heaps of them were gone before even midday. Boo. I have plans to get some sent to me from OZ though. I must have Kyo, Yuki and Shigure dressed up in animal outfits. Sooo cute!

I have also plans to get Fruits Baskets manga vol 12-17! That is lots of manga. It's kinda mad, but I know I want it and it won't get any cheaper.

I've been trying to decide if I actually want to buy any anime. Not sure at all. Gravitation is a possibility, rock band and Boy love anyone?

Point of Fashion: Old Ugly Comfy at Home Jersey.
Current Obsession: Will Beau Come Home?

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