April 19, 2006


So, in my first "real" sewing project, the first one I've ever properly used a pattern for, I don't give myself something easy or straight forward. No! No skirts or slip dresses for me. I choose to make a corset.

Evie has helped me considerably with this. She helped me by telling me what to do regarding those little triangles that show up on patterns. She leant me the pattern and photocopied the instrucitions for me! She did the ordering of the hardware. She helped me with fitting the mock-up. She helped me by providing the materials on which to trace my pattern. She provided the material for my mock-up and she helped me by giving me a space to sit and cut out innumerable copies of my pattern. She came with me and helped choose the materials for the interlining and the lining. She also helped me by making me do it *myself*!

I have done *all* the cutting and sewing for this baby. I had to figure out how to insert a busk on my own. I had to play around with the machine getting an appropriate tension and stitch length. I had to iron on the fusible inter-lining and baste the regular interlining to the fashion fabric. I had to line up grain after grain to make sure the pattern was properly aligned on the fabric. Very important for a corset! I had to make my own decisions about how to put the waist-tape in and how I was going to do the seams. I had to look up what stay-stitch and pick-stitch meant. I have to deal with any mistakes I have done. I will have to sort out the grommets. I will buy my binding and possible any lace trimming. I will lace this thing and I will wear it.

Evie has definitely helped me. To a lesser degree the internet and specifically the LJ corsetmakers community have helped me. Nevertheless, this will be a corset made by me and there is something really fabulous and uplifting about that.

Making this corset is making me feel capable and talented and creative. The only other thing that has made me feel this good is the grey felt I was commissioned to make. My other hats have had varying degrees of assistance from my millinery teacher, but that hat was all me. The problem with the grey felt is that I was paid for it and it was never mine. This corset is all mine.

I am woman, hear me laugh gleefully!

Point of Fashion: I will exercise before I go out!
Current Obsession: Getting this corset finished before going to Wanaka!

Posted by giffy at April 19, 2006 12:59 PM