May 31, 2006

Softly softly

Last night while on my way into the bathroom to shower I passed my Beau leaving the bathroom after brushing his teeth. He kissed me lightly and he smelt of Noi-na.

Noi-na is a tropical fruit I have eaten in Thailand. It is also known as Custard-apple or sugar-apple even though it is completely unlike an apple! It has many smooth black seeds in it. This is the plant that my Mother told me I mustn't eat the seeds of, or they would grow into a tree inside me and cause me to die.

I swallowed one when I was 7. I ran crying to my mother (for death was imminent) to be told that it wouldn't kill me... this time. Phew! Nevertheless, I still like Noi-na. A lot. Sometimes my mother finds it in some market here and she'll let me have some. It just isn't as good as the ones in Thailand. Sweet, with a rough almost Feijoa like texture but a creamier taste.

I think Beau may have used that Black toothpaste, I blogged about earlier.

Point of Fashion: Beautiful long skirt leaves me feeling tall.
Current Obsession: Getting rid of my cold.

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May 30, 2006

Surely No-one is Surprised

Standing in the rain with only one layer of clothing on makes Giffy sick. Even if it is black "special ops" clothing. I'm glad I thought to put my polyprop shirt and long-john's on for Sunday. I'm glad drowninghail gave them to me for my birthday!

I am still going to school though 'cause 2 of my 5 classes are going a 3 day internal assessment. They are probably alright to be left alone now that I've started it, but I really needed to be there yesterday when I gave back their practice internal's and went through what they need to do for the actual one. No way a reliever could have done that.

Yesterday was also the day I felt most ill. I feel better today, but my voice has gone stupid. It keeps cracking and if I keep talking I start doing really pathetic sounding coughs. In fact if I keep breathing I start doing pathetic coughs.

To get the students attention rather than loudly saying good morning/afternoon at the beginning of the lesson, I've drawn a picture of a sad faced me with a speech bubble saying "I'm sick, please be quiet". I point at it. They kind of love it. When they start chatting I just stand there and look sad and they start shushing each other. It's weird. They keep saying how cute it is and how it *actually* looks *quite* a lot like me. They don't want me to erase it.
I drew a new one today. We'll see how it goes.

I watched Grey's Anatomy last night. I *should* have gone to bed early, I didn't realise it was a double episode or I would have. I think I have it on my computer anyway. I like Grey's Anatomy. I like to imagine that work is a bit like that for Beau, but that the female doctors are less foxy ;P

I want the ricochet shorts I tried on the other weekend more and more. They actually looked cute on me. I have issues with my legs ('cause of chubbiness) and so this is actually kinda a big deal. I want to get to a proper size 12 before I consider it though. Must do more exercise! Must get well first.

TO get well I have been: laying the Vicks VaporRub on thickly, taking yucky fortacold syrup morning and evening, taking a Healtheries suppliment containing garlic, echinacea and zinc, drinking a Yakult at breakfast, wearing many layers, including my hat. I also have some cough drops in my purse and I've gotten out the wheat bag and used it last night on my neck. Also changed the sheets to flannel ones.

Point of Fashion: Many many clothes
Current Obsession: Croaky voice!

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May 28, 2006


Today it has been revealed to many that I can scream like a B-grade movie actress. My scream is blood-curdling. My scream gives people chills. I can scream as if my life was in danger. When it isn't. At all. Apparently this can be frightening. Luckily, I only use my incredibly piercing powers for good.

In other words, the 48 hour film ( bonanza was filled with the regular sorts of stuff. Grumpy, dirty, tired people can simultaneously be supportive, positive helpful people. Our film is being shown this Wednesday. I need to get tickets (nevermind that I've already watched it 3 times).

I can't blog about it anymore. I'm too tired. I need to either do some school work or get ready for bed.

Love for all!

Point of Fashion: Polyprops
Current Obsession: Bedtime

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May 25, 2006

Simple Pleasures, some common, some otherwise

A warm towel.
Tea that is cool enough to drink easily, but hot enough to warm my hands.
A freshly vacuumed floor.
The glow of exercise.
A happy ending.
Collecting the hair that has come loose while washing it and sticking it on a wall and swirling it around (before throwing it in the bin).
Hugs from loved ones.
Rainy cold days and knowing you don't have to go out into them.
Pushing the snooze button on the alarm clock.
Getting the *sweet* car park.
Having every member of your class pass an assessment.
Compliments I feel I deserve.
Something sweet after dinner.
Clean Hair.
Beautiful things.
Smiles and greetings.
The quiet of being alone in the house.
The racket of others being with and near you.
Tidy eyebrows and smooth legs.
Coming home to dinner.
Cleaning my nails.
Hitting a high note.
Touching someone else.
Completing a task.
Comments on the blog.

What are your simple pleasures?
Point of Fashion: I'm pretty sure these pants fitted more snuggly last week! :)
Current Obsession: No Singing Tonight!

PS thanks to muggle and Sass who *both* did dishes last night. A clean kitchen is more than a simple pleasure. *hugs*

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May 24, 2006

Black Toothgel Whitens?

I'm so excited by having internet back that it's time to blog again!

On Saturday after trying on wedding dresses and eating lunch, Zeph and I went on a minor shopping trip to look for a dress that she might like to wear for a cocktail party. She didn't find a dress, but I did ($10 Far Pavillions!!). We also went into Lush and both bought the Black Toothgel.

It cost 5c less than my dress! It is not minty. It's almost sweet tasting. I like it, but it doesn't leave me feeling that my teeth are clean the way that regular toothpaste does. Mainly 'cause I'm just not accustomed to it. In actual fact, my dentist says that since NZ tapwater is fluoridated, toothpaste is a bit redundant. You do as much for your teeth brushing them with water (and don't forget the flossing). One thing about the gel that is annoying is that it isn't as thick and sticky as regular toothpaste. I'm used to putting my toothpaste on the brush and then putting it under the tap to wet it. When I do this to the gel, it falls apart and off the brush!

However, it is fun brushing your teeth with black stuff.

In other news, the lush website is kinda too much fun to browse though. I must tell myself I *don't* need it.

Point of Fashion: Slim and Elegant, Neo-Victorian
Current Obsession: What to do tonight?

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May 22, 2006

No internet at school!!

Telecom is being naughty and so we have no internet at school. I really hope that noone notices how much more productive I am during the day. Of course, I won't be staying late after school now, so that is the pay-off.

Beau is on his last week at Mastertron and then he shall be back here with me and our house shall be incredibly full and the bathroom shall be incredibly busy until Sass moves out. It'll be sad/strange not seeing Sass as often, but it'll be awesome having some actual space for stuff!

My awesome efforts towards exercise this year have been paying off and I recently lost my sixth kg this year. I shall not be in a hurry to look for it. However, the universe has noted my carelessness and has punished me by misplacing my Azumanga Daioh 1(:~~~), my brown stripey scarf, my choral score for the Mikado and most recently, one of my red fingerless gloves! I am most cut up about the scarf and glove as I don't think I'll be able to replace them, whereas I'm pretty confident i can buy another DVD. I think I've just lent it to someone, but don't know who! Have already been told that it is "alright" regarding the score, so, phew.

This kilo I lost was apparently a magic kilo. It made a difference in the fit of one of the wedding dresses I tried on on Saturday compared to when I tried it on the week before! It also has elicited many more comments about me appearing to have lost weight. It is kinda strange. It is definitley good to feel almost slim! I only need lose one more to be in the "healthy weight range". What I really need to do is not get complacent and put the kilos back on!!

Trying the wedding dresses on has been good. My sisters and my mum helped me choose some pretty dresses and T and Evie helped me decide that it is definitely *not* going to have straps (which is funny to me as I originally definitely wanted them). I was almost going to have straps but be backless, 'cause Giffy *got* back, but since I'm going to have a veil it wouldn't show that much any way and most photos *are* taken of the front. Where I look better without straps. I have good collarbone too.

I had a good week last week with getting quality time. I spent that lovely evening with Scarlett, saw T before wedding dress trying on, saw Evie during and after and saw Zeph after. Also seen lots of Sokky due to G&S. Very good. I find I'm most satisfied hanging out with people in groups of 4 or under. It was good going to Emba's on Sat and I saw lots of people and spoke to several for a good amount of time, but I am always left dissatisfied by how many other people I *didn't* manage to talk to. Ended up leaving pretty early so that I could get some time with my Beau. Who will soon be back for good!!


Point of Fashion: Cue pants!! or should I say CuTe pants??
Current Obsession: How long 'til we get internet back at school???

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May 19, 2006

Surprisingly Alert

Last night I realised that for the past (school)week I haven't slept more than 7 hours in a night.

It isn't that I have trouble falling asleep, it's more that I have problems getting into bed. One thing keeping me up is that I am determined to do 30min of active exercise a day. I generally do this in the evening on the exercycle we have in the lounge. However, I can put it off for quite a long time, until it's 9.30pm and I haven't done it yet! It normally takes me more than 30 min to do that 'cause I like to take breaks to drink water or blob. Also, I need to have time to do my crunches (like baby sit-ups) and my push-ups. I can do grown-up push-ups!! Not very well, but still.

Then after doing that stuff, I'm generally like, hmm, wonder what's been happening in the blogging world. Has anyone emailed me? So I spend at least 30-40min fluffing around on the internet.

I then have a shower ('cause I *sweat* while cycling. It's actually awesome to get that warm!).

Then I need to read for at least 30min. I can quite easily fall asleep without the reading, but it makes me happy, so.

Anyhoo, I'm amazed at how upbeat and not tired I've been feeling all week. It's kinda weird. I am feeling a bit sleepy now.. but I have been procrastinating with my corset and need to do my cycling too! Still, if I'm good I might get into bed before 10!!

Point of Fashion: skinny pants
Current Obsession: killing mice

I also realised my blogging has been pretty boring.

If you could, please help me make this blog a bit more interactive by answering this question (partially inspired by an episode of the View I watched on Sky 1 in the summer holidays):

In this day of sex before marriage, would you (or did you) consider being celibate for a set time prior to the actual marriage day?

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May 18, 2006


Any people interested in doing the southern walkway (Oriental Parade to Island Bay) on either the 10th or 11th of June? I imagine the weather will be terrible, but *penguins*!!

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May 14, 2006

Shopping Spree!

Well hardly. Since I have reached the elusive seven-zero kilos I was allowed to buy new clothes. However, since I have such *fabulous* friends, I didn't need to buy that much!

I did spend over $100 at House of G though. Bought 3 merino tops for $30 each. 1 is a white skivvy (which I like to imagine being worn underneath an pin-striped underbust corset), 1 black one ('cause i have another black one and I wear it all the time, however this one has a higher neckline so is more winter wearable) and 1 baby blue one ('cause I need to branch out into colours!). I also bought a little grey wooly hat (imminently wearable) and 2 pairs of tights (patterned and cool, I'm not actually letting myself have these yet, they may be given as presents to others).

I also went to K-mart and got ridiculous furry slippers (they could be useful for cosplay!) and some very sensible leather mary-janes.

That was it! I do want to buy a water-proof rain coat and another winter coat. Also I'd liek to buy some long cardies. Might have to plan a trip to Ezibuy!

My next weight aim is 68kg, 'cause that'll put me at healthy BMI! I can do it!!

Point of Fashion: grey wooly hat!!
Current Obsession: What is going to happen with corsetmakers??

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May 12, 2006

Singing Blessings.

G&S sucks time. There are three rehearsals a week! I'm also singing with the School Choir right now, so there is lots of singing, but No Starring.

However, with both the Choir and G&S I am really challenging myself. This is because I am *Not* singing the melody! I'm singing Alto! I'm having to listen past the tune to stay in tune. It feels really good to hear the harmonies that I am helping to create. It also feels good to know that I am learning something new.

Another awesome thing about G&S is that Beau is in it. He's singing Tenor and the guys have lots of different songs to the girls (we're all under 18 according to the words!) so we aren't together in practices, BUT, I am seeing him so much more than I normally would. This is because he is still in Masterton, however, there is another member of G&S also based in Masterton and he's giving Beau a ride in and back each practice. Beau is also getting fed dinner!

It is so great to be doing something together, to see each other more than just in the weekends. It's making me feel happy that the rehearsals take so long up 'til the actual performances and that the season is also quite long, all because I know I'll be doing it *with* my love.

Point of Fashion: My Hat Has Sheeps On It!
Current Obsession: Why have the traps not been sprung. Has that mouse gone away? DO I need *more* traps?

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May 09, 2006

Why me??

In our house I am probably the most afraid of mice. I am also the person who sees them the most. I think I saw our mouse 3 times yesterday!! 3 times is too many! It makes me squeal and not want to take my shoes off.

I've baited the traps with chocolate and hopefully that will catch them good. I've had one type of deadly bait recommended. It's one that also makes them thirsty so that they crawl away to water to die. I am seriously tempted.

In other pest killing news, I bought insect spray for the plants yesterday. Our kitchen gerberas have aphid-like things. The spray I got says it deals with aphid-like things. I hope it works!!

Point of Fashion: Chelle's clothes!
Current Obsession: Mice and weight and corsets.

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May 07, 2006

The gods must be smiling and pointing.

Yup, my cellphone was at Goodluck and I managed to get it back after waiting outside it for just under an hour. Which in the grand scheme of things is ok, although it helped make us extra late to Matt and Luke's, but not as much as me being really slack and not yet having showered helped.

If that made sense you are doing well!

Had Katy-kay and her man come over with the Bubs. Soo small and cute! We made sushi which was very filling and fun. Time once again escaped me and I totally forgot to keep watch of when Beau and I were supposed to head over to G&S for the first Mikado practice. Didn't matter that much though, because Beau is a tenor. They didn't even audition him. They just said Yay!! Seriously, when he got introduced, people applauded. I kid you not!

Chelle also came over for baby cuddles and sushi. She brought many clothes! I took some of them. I am *soo* happy about getting into size 12s. I snaffled 2 pairs of suitish pants that I'll be able to wear for school. yay! Also grabbed a couple of small jerseys that should be good for layering. Awesome.

I haven't hung out with any of these people for ages, so it was really good to get to. Happy days.

I go to make dinner now.


Point of Fashion: Chelle
Current Obsession: I think I actually got to 70 kg last week!!!

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May 06, 2006

Stupid Stupid Stupid!

I am currently without cellphone. I got it out and put it on the table last night at Goodluck, in case Beau rang, so that I could see. I think I left it there. Suck bite!!

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May 04, 2006

Something entertaining? Nah!

Um, I find myself hard pressed to write anything light or entertaining. Can't imagine I'm too much fun right now. Hmmm..

I've read up to Furuba 17... Oh, I should call Evie and see if she wants to borrow some! It is sooo good. There are *many* new exciting things revealed. On a Furuba related note... I get plushies and Furuba 10 soon (I hope). It was quite fun helping out at Armageddon. I am quite in awe of the Anime Anytime owner who has got this store going while still being a student. In Canberra! Since he started it he has gotten to go to Japan around 6 times on business trips!! Jealous! He's said that I'm to email him questions and he can give me Japan advice.

My Japanese trip seems a million years away, but I've paid $1500 towards it already. It should come to $4000 altogether, including travel, accomodation and food. I also will be going to Tokyo Disney! Yay! I have decided that while I am in Japan I will buy wigs. They have good ones there and not too expensive.

Next holidays Beau and I are planning a trip to Auckland. We are both really keen to stay with Jexia, Otiarstil and their bub X. Beau used to flat with them (before X, obviously) and I've known them for longer than him. I've gotten to stay with them before and cuddle X, but he was a real baby then, by the time we get to visit, he's gonna be all growed up. Jexia keeps posting gorgeous pics of him and also gorgeous pics of her baking. It makes me want to visit *real* bad!

Talking of baking, muggle, the best sister EVER, has just made apple pie. I coincidentally bought custard yesterday. Must be time for dessert!!

Good thing I just did 30 min on the exercycle. I did 11 min with hand weights while cycling, which I wasn't sure I'd be able to do 'cause the flu injection I got yesterday has made my arm a bit achey, however, it was fine. I gotta get back into the routine of sit-ups and push-ups too. Although, I might leave the push-ups for another day while the arm rests.

Must get back into exercise routine, must lose that 1 kilo so that I can *buy* clothes!! Not that I can afford it, after the ridiculous amount of money I spent on Furuba... still, so worth it.

Time for dessert! (Also marking, I've already marked 3 times this week. Curse their black hearts.)

Point of Fashion: I can't believe I exercised
Current Obsession: Apple pie and custard

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May 03, 2006

Home Day!

Yesterday I stayed at home sick. I've been feeling ill since Saturday for sure. I was actually most sick feeling on Monday morning, by the afternoon was feeling better, but wrecked. Anyhoo talked to person in charge of relievers on Monday afternoon and they told me to decide that night. It's easier for them to get a reliever that way.

I stayed at school 'til after 6, setting relief and went out and had Hell for dinner. That was *good*! Got home feeling very tired and decided to call in sick. I needed that rest.

Slept in and read. Got Victorian paperdolls delivered to me. I ordered them from fishpond a while back. They are pretty and worth $15. I like them. I think I know what type of neckline I want for wedding dress now. Ate leftovers for dinner and watched all of an anime called Kaleido-Star, which is about a girl in a circus. A Cirque du Soleil style one with just people doing acrobatics. It is very cool and uplifting in an Angelic Layer style way, but with less fighting and more high-wire and trapeze.

I even did dishes and made dinner, so felt virtuous! Didn't do any exercise though. I felt pretty good by the end of the day and feel much better today. My reliever wrote nice feedback and thanked me for setting lots of work. Good!

I'm thinking about going to movie night tonight, but it's probably better for me to stay in at home. I still have marking I've been avoiding.

Oh, I also have now read up to Furuba 17! Exciting!!!!!


Point of fashion: warm and healthy
current obsession: warm and healthy

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