May 12, 2006

Singing Blessings.

G&S sucks time. There are three rehearsals a week! I'm also singing with the School Choir right now, so there is lots of singing, but No Starring.

However, with both the Choir and G&S I am really challenging myself. This is because I am *Not* singing the melody! I'm singing Alto! I'm having to listen past the tune to stay in tune. It feels really good to hear the harmonies that I am helping to create. It also feels good to know that I am learning something new.

Another awesome thing about G&S is that Beau is in it. He's singing Tenor and the guys have lots of different songs to the girls (we're all under 18 according to the words!) so we aren't together in practices, BUT, I am seeing him so much more than I normally would. This is because he is still in Masterton, however, there is another member of G&S also based in Masterton and he's giving Beau a ride in and back each practice. Beau is also getting fed dinner!

It is so great to be doing something together, to see each other more than just in the weekends. It's making me feel happy that the rehearsals take so long up 'til the actual performances and that the season is also quite long, all because I know I'll be doing it *with* my love.

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Posted by giffy at May 12, 2006 09:12 AM