June 26, 2006

One very cold hand

I have this habit of sitting on one hand while using the other hand to scroll and click. That is the hand that gets cold. Now I type with both hands and they both get cold!

I was good and exercisey this weekend and did 2 times 30min exercycle goes. Although I don't go 30 min in a row. I normally get bored at 10 and hop off to change channels or get a drink or do push-ups and stretches. Then I hop back on again. It is a good way to get warm though!

No time for exercise today as had school stuff and then visited with Jonno and C-L. Yay for random visiting. I got to look through their photo album and C-L offered me the loan of both her wedding dress and veil! I've been offered 2 Veil loans now and they tempt me... except how I want my *very own one*.

I've also been offered well priced wedding make-up for T and the Patch's wedding. One of the women in Mikado with us is a make-up artist and she said she'd do mine for a good price ($40). I think I'll take her up on it and then maybe use her for my actual wedding too! Yays.

I need to do more wedding planning. Beau and I need to make lists! Lists! We also need to book reception hall and the temple. I also need to book a dressmaker for my dress.

I'm thinking I won't have time to make my bridesmaids dress for T's wedding so I also need to source a dressmaker for that.


In other news, I did a reflection at staff briefing the other day (we have daily briefings first thing in the morning and they always start with someone doing a reflection, sometimes they are a prayer, or a powerpoint, or a poem or music). Mine was looking at the recent strike action with the junior doctors and comparing it with our recent union meeting where we pretty much decided we wanted the longer term less strikey option. I ended it with poetry. 2 poems by Glenn Colquhoun (who is an NZ Dr/writer); Today I do not want to be a doctor and Today I am happy to be a doctor. I then read 2 short and easy teacher versions that I had written in the 15min before I had to speak. It went down well.

The internet is down at school *again*. I have much LJ to go and catch up on now!

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June 21, 2006

Dancing, dancing, dancing snob.

In the last 24 hours I have been to Dancing practices for 2 different performances I am in.

One is for the Mikado that I'm in with G&S, the other is for the school feast day where the staff do an item.

The school one is pretty relaxed. We're not supposed to be very co-ordinated because it is then less funny for the students. Seriously. There was going to be a staff Jazz Band. We'd been practising The Baby Elephant song, but apparently we were too good so we weren't allowed to perform. Seriously. We were told that it would make the students feel bad about their performances so they wouldn't want to perform. So much for rolemodelling that it is good to practise and work at somehting until you are good at it!

The G&S one bugs me. Partly cause we started it at like 9.30pm at night. Hardly when people are most alert. It also bugs me, like most non-dance performance dances bug me in that it is all a bit slack. The timing for our singing must be precise, our consonents must be clear and crisp, but our movements can be floppy and wishy-washy and *that* is fine. Grr. I realise it isn't a dance show, but they could actually nominate a choreographer or even just someone to drill the people in the dance. The director has decided on the moves and the timing but he just does not have the time to make us practise until we get it right. However, we could practise it while he is running through readings or whatever with the leads. It's my dancing snobbery showing.

I took part in my first formal dance lesson at age 4 when I did character Ballet in St Theresa's School Hall. In our first production I was a blackbird, as in 4 and 20 blackbirds. It was all nursery rhymes, but I don't think there was even close to 24 of up. I remember the preparation, the outfits (little black leotards with hoods and beaks up above our heads), getting the shoes (being told to put damp newspaper in them and warm them in the oven to stetch them in case they were a bit small) and the actual performance.

We were supposed to all do a turn to the right, I turned to the left, knew I'd made a mistake and continued. After the performance a woman came over to talk to Mum and said that I'd had the biggest smile of all of the class. I was embarrassed and said how I'd made a mistake, but she said that I was still good and more than made up for it by smiling.

Later on in my teens a different dancing teacher was telling the class off for not smiling enough and I protested that I was. She agreed and said that none of the girls from my family (3 of us) ever had to be told to smile. We are performers. We know about energy and attitude and arms. If you have those things, even if you make a mistake, you will look good. If you make your mistake properly, no-one will notice. If you don't have those things, you'll look unfinished and unpolished. I have come in on the day of a dance performance with people who have already practised it a few times. I am shown it by the choreographer who is also dancing. After the show, I was asked if I was the choreographer, because I appeared to do it and know it the best! I dance convincingly ;)

In other news. Comments may or may not be working. Please comment or attempt to comment. I was touched by Buzzandhums comment on my last post. Maybe I should write more about science and music. I'll see.

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June 14, 2006


Conductors can be classified as substances that allow heat or electricity to easily pass through them.

Metals are good conductors of both heat and electricity due to the arrangement of metal atoms in solid form.

The nuclei are tightly packed so that if one atom becomes excited (hot!) then it will vibrate more swiftly and knock the one(s) next to it 'causing them to move also and they will knock the one(s) next to them and so on. Temperature is really a measure of the kinetic energy of particles. The more the particles are moving, the higher their temperature and so the hotter we percieve them to be. Hence as the motion is passed from one atom to the next the heat is "conducted" throughout the metal.

Metals are good electrical conductors because they normally have "free moving" valence electrons. Because their electrons are free to move from metal atom to metal atom they are free to conduct electricity. Electricity *is* the movement of charge particles (electrons are negatively charged particles, ions are also charged particles, that's why salt water conducts electricity) after all.

Conductors are also the people who stand in front of choirs and orchestras and keep them all working together. They are also called Musical Directors. They are amazing to watch.

They are right to be called conductors, because the music on the page is channelled by them into a wonderful, wonderful sound. If you had the same choir and had them perform a song they knew with no conductor, a poor conductor and a good conductor; each performance would be different. Good conductors look like coiled springs of energy. Their movements are a violent dance, their hands *beating* out the rhythm. Conductors that are not as good still keep time, still give direction, but without that brutally exact timing. Their arms and hands are loose, sometimes even flowing. It just doesn't get across the precise instruction that a large group of people need if they are to work together. In NCEA conducting is a performance music skill, like singing, clarinet or piano. That is good.

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June 11, 2006

Happy-happy-sad-sad :(

Happy Birthday to sokky for tomorrow. She had her party yesterday and it was very enjoyable. I wasn't there very long (give people a taste so they are left wanting more?) but I think I may have glimpsed her young flatmate also, but they could have been someone else entirely. I'm very pleased that I get to spend time with her with G&S. I know that if we weren't doing an organised activity together there is a high probability that we would only see each other at gatherings like birthdays etc.

Happy news from my friend Bean. She has been on her OE for the past year based in London, but she has visited (amongst others, no doubt) Venice, Switzerland, Paris and Egypt. She will be heading back to NZ soon via a 2 week stop-over in Thailand. I am to recommend cool cheap stuff to do. I need to talk to Mum and Dad and see if I can organise some Cool Cheap accomodation for her. She and her Bean-beau have decided they will move to Wellington! Exciting! I'm looking forward to having her close, although I hope she understands just how busy I am. Seriously. They will probably be staying with us for a while until they get a flat and settled here. This is possible now that we have a spare room.

Sadly, Satchimo-Sassa has left the building. It'll be funny not having her around and reminding us to eat veges. I won't be getting her positive reinforcement on my exercise any more. No more mellow music on a Sunday 'morning' and coming across a Sass stretched out in the conservatory. No more kind offers of tea making. No more delicious roast potatoes with Gravy! We will need to invite her over frequently so that we don't need to miss the brownies ;)

Sadly, I still need to be finishing my reports. *Why* must I always put things off? *Why* am I *still* sick??

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June 09, 2006

Not going for Walkies

Dad is still organising the walk for Sat if there are people who want to go, but I will not be attending. I will be sitting in school on Saturday marking Y10 assignments so that I can finish doing reports. I had hoped to do this last weekend, but since I was pretty sick then, I didn't.

I have too much stuff on, something had to give and it was this walk. If you are interested, email me (giffyatstonesoupdotcodotnz) and I'll forward the details on to you. I think Beau might go, but it's hard to say 'cause his body times are all crazy due to night shift. Being active during the day may be a cure for that!

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June 07, 2006

Bye-bye Bapmobile!

My little white car has been attacked by rust. I need to decide. Fix the car for one more WOF or year, or bid it farewell. Forever. Poor little car. You have been very good, you've already been abandoned once and had years more use and abuse since then.

Whatever happens, I must talk to my Dad first.

In other mindcrushingly dull news. It is reports time again. This would probably even be bearable, except, that it is also the Big Sing this week (schools all get together and sing in the Town Hall) AND G&S is finishing up its music rehearsals. Time to stage this baby! Also, Sok's birthday and Dad's got a walk planned for Sat. I think I'm going to have to flag the walk. Cwap.

My exercise has gone down the toilet with my illness and complete lack of time. I hope next week is more relaxing.

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June 05, 2006

Book reviews

Yay for the library. I've recently been heading down to J'ville library. It is small and cool. I am also pleased 'cause the library issues you books for 4 weeks. I thought that it was only 3 and that I had overdue books and would have to pay a fine. But I didn't. Rockn.

Non-fiction book! The Corset, by Valerie Steele. Very cool book on where corsets came from and their place in culture, from like the 17th century to now. Lovely pictures. I didn't think I'd enjoy it that much 'cause I'm more into finding out about how they are actually *made*, but I did enjoy it, alot! So, I think I might be ready to read Corsets and Crinolines. I don't think I'm ready to make anything from it (it has much on making them), but I'm keen to read more about it now. I've been offered the loan of it, so I think I'll take that up!

Fiction book! Kushiel's Dart, by Jacqueline Carey. Alternate past Earth. Political in a fun way. The main character is likeable and also enjoys pain, a lot. It is important in the story and so is brought up often. I like how it is written and described though, not gratuitous. She's written a bunch more novels (this is the first) and I'm keen to read more, hopefully in the same world.

I am still sick. School is tomorrow. I am feeling rested so it should be OK.

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