July 31, 2006


Yay! I finished my first corset so am officially a corsetierre! Huzzah! And by finished, I mean that I still have a whole bunch of eyelets to embroider over, but otherwise the whole thing is looking good.

I wore it out on Saturday while hanging out with an LJ buddy and local corsetierre, H. H was at Otago at a similar time to me and we know some ppl in common which is pretty cool. She's been making corsets for a while and always drafts her own patterns and she has agreed to draft one for me, which is pretty much awesome. She's currently doing a Fashion Diploma through Massey and I am *jealous*. What's cool about knowing other ppl interested in the same hobbies as you is that they will help you out and there is someone else you can share the joys and horrors with.

Evie has totally been a help with my corsetting and I wouldn't have started it at all without her. She gave me the confidence to begin and I hope I can do that for others too, eg Scarlett and Sass who have both said they're keen to give it a try.

H is feeding the addiction for me by selling me her copy of the truly victorian pattern and also a "spare" busk that she has. She also gave me a massive head swell by saying that my first corset makes her more recent ones look not so good. She thinks my sewing is better than hers! I think I'm just going heaps slower. Hers are all awesome.

She is also going to have a go at drafting a pattern for me 'cause she's thinking of going into selling corsets for others, but hasn't had so much experience drafting for others. She's keen to try making patterns for other ppl, esp bigger breasted women, as long as they make up the mock-up and bring it back to show her so that she can see what stuff needs adjusting, what problems come up etc.

It's fun to have someone you can just "squeeee" with ;)

Now I need to get my ass into gear and make up that Hello Kitty Corset pronto so that I can start working on the underbust for my wedding!

Point of Fashion: Michelle's
Current Obsession: Corsets corsets corsets

In other news, we had a rehearsal/feedback session with the director on Sunday and It was fine! Yays! Lots of stuff on this week, Wed-tech rehearsal, Thurs, Fri, Sat performances at the Opera House!!

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July 27, 2006

Grr-argh morning time!

Keep staying up too late and then not getting up in time in the morning. It's not helping that my phone keeps trying to say that it doesn't have a sim card in it so the alarm also won't work... somehow?!

Anyhoo, I decided that I would do some sewing and mending yesterday and I actually did! I didn't do any of the exercise I wanted to do however, well except I've increased my push-ups to 12 and my crunches to over 60. Did no cycling or skipping. Boo.

Here is what I did do:
- Hemmed my new cords so that they are a sensible length.
- Mending a hole in one of my merino tops (the seam in the armpit had come undone)
- Darned the top of the busk of my black corset. It isn't a pretty mend, but shouldn't be very noticeable. I need to actually put this on so that it works.
- I machined on the binding on my creamy corset! Now all I have to do is the handsewing. I'm going to try and do some more tonight. I am going to finish this thing so that I can start on my Hello Kitty one this weekend. IT WILL BE DONE!!

Did I mention I decided I need to have a corset to wear under my wedding dress? Means I must make at least 2, maybe 3 more this year.

Also did some research into Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremonies. We definitely need a venue that we can sleep over at. This must also be done!


I go do school work now!

Point of Fashion: mended top and pants
Current Obsession: Sewing

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July 23, 2006

1 Location Down

The shows at the Hutt are over and done with. They didn't start too well.

On the opening night the leads were racing through their lines and skipped a bit out so that I wasn't on stage in time to run on and say my line. The director then decided that he needed to come on stage and yell at us and at me in particular. I still wasn't quite sure what had happened. Awesome, not. Coming back stage during a performance and telling people they aren't doing well enough is *not* the way to get energy levels up. I don't know that I want to work with him again.

THe rest of the shows went well. The Friday Night was especially good. Saturday night Beau and I stayed later and helped with the packign out. I won;t do it at every show, but I am glad we stayed and helped and earned extra kudos with the society!

We have a week off now, with another Rehearsal on Sunday and then the week after we are at the Opera House. The audiences at the Hutt were really good and hopefully they'll do well at the Opera House too.

I also heard that the Porirua Little Theatre are planning on doing Chicago next year! How cool would *that* be!! Added bonuses, only 1 location!!!

I should really be doing marking. Boo Hiss!!

Point of Fashion: Intending to Exercise
Current Obsession: I have so many loose ends and bitsy things to do.

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July 20, 2006

Waking Up is so Ha-ard to Do!

Busy, busy Giffys don't get enough sleep. Lets look back over the last little while;

Sat: drove up to Kapiti, came back for dinner at Beau's parent's, then flew by party at Dagger's.
Sun: Went to Yum Char in the Hutt, drove to Spotlight, bought hatmaking gear for Beau's hat in the production, drove to his parents and sewed it and made it in time to the Last rehearsal at Te Whaia for the Mikado!
Mon: Dinner at my parents! OMG, my whole family actually ate together and it isn't christmas! Miraculous.
Tues: Dress Rehearsal at Little Theatre. Finished around 11pm
Wed: Do nothing, yet stay up late doing this. Oh, I did manage to do some exercise though and my weight is back to preholiday weight! Ha!

Other things I've been meaning to blog about:

On Monday, the Sunrise as we drove into the Hutt was Beautiful. It made me wonder if I could somehow capture one of those glowing colours and use it as a wedding colour. Doubtful.

I was recently lent the book Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones and it Kicks Arse! Thanks muchly for the loan Evie. The Movie is also good ;P I don't really wanna blog about the stuff that makes it great and different from the book as it contains spoilers, but if you've read it too and wanna talk about it, I am keen! I'm really glad that books like the Harry Potter series have allowed long serving fantasy author's like Diana Wynne Jones to get their stuff better promoted. Or something.

I am still happy about my tiny suit!

Point of Fashion: Warm and Elegant
Current Obsession: Books! www.fishpond.co.nz

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July 15, 2006

Entry 300 - mostly on shopping

So, I decided that doing all my driving in one day was the better choice. That meant we had Wednesday free in Auckland and we spent a fair amount of it shopping!

I went with Jexia and X to playcentre first. I was just there for maybe 40min. It was so busy and cool! They had so much stuff, slides, swings, paintings, dress-ups, toys, books, music and CARPENTRY! Seriously amazing.

Then I walked back to check that Beau was awake. He was, but he didn't seem to want to go anywhere. I told him what I wanted to do, have brunch at his cousins' cafe, watch PotCII and pick some stuff his sister had left in Auckland that she wanted transported back to Wgtn. He didn't want that, but he didn't spell it out to me. He just said he wanted to see his (other, he has 3) sister for lunch, but he didn't actually get around to doing anything about it. Eventually he didn text her, but she wasn't free until 1. That was somewhat later than I wanted, but he got *his* way. There was a minor fight.

However, it was cool having lunch with them and his Sis pointed out a factory clothing shop and a cool jewellery store that would have Sass *drooling*, although she may now be inured to fancy jewellery after her big EU holiday. They also told us thow to get to Dressmart! We went shopping that afternoon and managed to get a pair of pants and shoes for Beau at the factory shop and a pair of cufflinks and a present for Emba at the jewellery store. I hope she likes them!

At Dressmart I got two new pairs of pants from Max. Yay! Black cords and black velvet-y style ones. Both should be ok for school. I'm so happy about the black cords, I have a soft spot for corderuoy. Always have since I was little. Beau also got a pair of pants and another pair of shoes. Both are very needful. He put the shoes on and threw out his old pair right away. That's how bad they were.

When we got back to J and O's house, we started to get ready for dinner. Homemade hamburgers. Soo good. Lots of yummy mustard in the actual burger patties. We ate so well on our holidays.

The next day we drove back and got back in time for Mikado practice and we even had time to go to Beau's parents house and drop off the stuff for his sister! That was Thursday.

On Friday I had a good sleep in and had a really nice long bath. Then eventually I organised to meet up with Zeph and I went into town and bought a pair of proper black boots (cheapy from Ichiban) and... the tiny suit from Maison de G. Very tiny and the shorts are size 12! I was worried about when I was ever going to where it so I decided to wear it today. It looks pretty cute. I think I could use it as part of a costume for cheese-cake pin-up photos. Yay!

Today I went along to join crazy Kapiti movie-makers. Basically a much cut down Jenni's Angels. I was going to arrive late, but didn't mean to arrive as late as I did. Bap had decided to have a sulk over being back in Wgtn and having yucky weather so she didn't start. Silly car. Did eventually though and I got safe and sound to Kapiti.

Miss Scarlett and I had planned to drive back together and I was really looking forward to catching up and talking to her for the hour or so it took us to get back. However, there were quite a few other people who wanted a ride back at the same time. My car is little and troublesome and I still have stuff to empty out of the boot. I didn't want to take people. I wanted to hang out with Miss Scarlett. Didn't happen though, I ended up taking two extra people home. Ah well. I'll hopefully see her tonight.

Highlights of crazy movie making today... Lee-lee in a ridiculous "super-suit" and hugs from Jenni.

Point of Fashion: Tiny Suit!
Current Obsession: Still corsetry.

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July 11, 2006

Holidaying in Orkland

Have had a nice time in Auckland so far, have visited all the people we wished to visit with. I've decided that rather than splitting up the driving over two days, I shall do a big one day mission drive back on Thursday. Otherwise the better part of 2 days will be used in driving back to Wgtn.

We left Wgtn on Sunday and stayed with some of Beau's family ( a B and SIL) in P'North. We didn't aim to drive further than that on Sunday because we couldn't leave Wgtn until after a mega G&S practice that took from 11.30 to 5.30! Yikes and Yuck.

We had dinner at their place and had *really* Yummy Roast Pork and Roast Veges. Mmmm-mm. We mosied on outta their place on Monday just after 10am and arrived in Auckland at about 5.30ish, so we made pretty good time.

We met more of Beau's family for dinner (a S and defacto-BIL) at a Japanese Restaurant. It was very nice, but took longer than expected so while we'd planned to see PotC2 we missed it by a good 20min. We did have yummy ice-creams at the movie theatre though.

Today has mostly been spent hanging with Jexia. We are staying with her and Otiarstill and their bub X. O had to work and Beau volunteered to stay at home hanging with the Bub, so Jexia and I both went and visited Pinque and had yummy Chai and biscuits and looked at much costumes. I didn't realise how long we spent there! Time really flew. Soo many lovely costumes, probably.

We then went to Spotlight and they are having an awesome sale! They have silk Dupion on special, some at half price! $12! I might need to buy several metres of that, even though I currently have no use for it... oh well. I did buy some pale pink cotton ripstop though for $2 a metre 'cause I've heard it makes pretty good interlining.

We then headed to Arthur's Emporium after grabbing a very late lunch of Sushi. Arthur's is sooo cool! I can't believe the huge amount of trimmings and buttons they have there. They also have some cheapy wigs and socks etc. May need to go back there tomorrow as we arrived just before they were closing and I didn't actually get time to consider buying anything.

No plans for tomorrow except for maybe getting brunch at a Cafe run by Beau's cousins... maybe we could catch a day-time viewing of PotC...hmmm.

Point of Fashion: Shorts and long socks
Current Obsession: What to make with fabric and trimmings I could theoretically purchase??

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July 06, 2006

Free Tickets - Thai Cultural Evening

As part of the celebration for 60 years of rule by the Thai King, the Thai embassy is putting a show on at the St James theatre *this* Friday.

Tickets are free. I picked up four for the centre front today! If you aren't busy and are vaguely interested in seeing some Thai dance etc, then come along.

It's at 7pm tomorrow!

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July 05, 2006

Fussin' Homeowner

Yuck. Have spent a significant amount of the day teetering around the attic of our house. This is because today they house decided that rain and wind equals a need to leak! Curses.

The attic isn't actually that bad. It is very dusty and you can see daylight coming through chinks in the roofing! However, no animals appear to live there, maybe some spiders, but that is it, so it isn't too gross at all. Our house was built long enough ago that the roofing doesn't have anything but the tiles in it. No second layer of plastic or whatever. We need to get some of the tiling repaired... but not until later!

The other annoying thing that has happened recently is that the dishwasher has decided to play silly buggers and when we had ppl over on Monday, it decided it must beep incessantly. The next day when we plugged it back in it was ok. I blame the demons.

In good house stuff, muggle and pirip have been on a house tidying trip, due to the kittens so our main living areas are pretty danged tidy, however the guest room is *not*. I need to tidy it, but I just want a holiday with me needing to do *nothing*!!

I cleaned the bathroom today including washing the shower curtain and scrubbing the floors. I won't be doing that again for a while! I might need to have a bath tonight to reward myself for it.

I'm looking forward to getting some baby cuddling in this afternoon, just gotta finish up some stuff around the house, then I am outta here!!

Point of Fashion: dusty chic
Current Obsession: Why does the bathroom seem to accumulate the most fluff??

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July 01, 2006

Students ate my Brain

But I'm recovering:P

Yay for it being holidays. I have a whole bunch of marking to do, but that's ok, 'cause I don't have to teach for 2 weeks!! Bwahahahaha!

However, two weeks is not enough. I want more time with less students. To borrow from Random Kate; Le Sigh.

To help me get over the horror of school I hung out with Evie yesterday. We went and looked at clothes and I only bought 1 thing that wasn't completely sensible, and that was fingerless gloves from Maison d'G. Which is actually pretty damned sensible if you think about it!

Oh, I also bought *delicious* trade aid dark chocolate... soooooo goood! My littlest sister (bambi) put me onto that.

Stayed out pretty late at Evie's just talking and looking at books. 'Twas relaxing and good.

Today I got up nice and early to go visit Grishma. Grishma is the woman who waxes my legs and threads my eyebrows. SHe is *awesome*. I am now totally ready for spa tonight!!

I also was good and went to the Warewhare and bought a big plastic container for me to tidy into. I have decided I shall be putting costume stuff into it. Then it can go into the shed. I also bought another set of flannelette sheets and when I got home, I PUT THEM STRAIGHT INTO THE WASHING MACHINE!! Amazing. They are hanging and drying on the line, right now. I am normally wayyy to slack to both washing before use. Our other set of flannelette sheets didn't get washed first and so my polyprop that I wore to bed in them when they were cold has since been named "Mr Linty" due to the large amount of light blue fluff on it. Ahh.

I also did the dishes and cooked brunch for Beau and myself. Awesome. I should actually tidy stuff away into that box I bought.... but instead I shall go on the exercycle and watch the last disk of Angelic Layer.

Point of Fashion: Intending to Exercise
Current Obsession: Incredibly tiny suit from House of G. I think I need it. It is all ridiculous and tiny! Tiny shorts instead of pants, tiny jacket that is almost regency style.... wants it... must get to 68kg!!

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