July 31, 2006


Yay! I finished my first corset so am officially a corsetierre! Huzzah! And by finished, I mean that I still have a whole bunch of eyelets to embroider over, but otherwise the whole thing is looking good.

I wore it out on Saturday while hanging out with an LJ buddy and local corsetierre, H. H was at Otago at a similar time to me and we know some ppl in common which is pretty cool. She's been making corsets for a while and always drafts her own patterns and she has agreed to draft one for me, which is pretty much awesome. She's currently doing a Fashion Diploma through Massey and I am *jealous*. What's cool about knowing other ppl interested in the same hobbies as you is that they will help you out and there is someone else you can share the joys and horrors with.

Evie has totally been a help with my corsetting and I wouldn't have started it at all without her. She gave me the confidence to begin and I hope I can do that for others too, eg Scarlett and Sass who have both said they're keen to give it a try.

H is feeding the addiction for me by selling me her copy of the truly victorian pattern and also a "spare" busk that she has. She also gave me a massive head swell by saying that my first corset makes her more recent ones look not so good. She thinks my sewing is better than hers! I think I'm just going heaps slower. Hers are all awesome.

She is also going to have a go at drafting a pattern for me 'cause she's thinking of going into selling corsets for others, but hasn't had so much experience drafting for others. She's keen to try making patterns for other ppl, esp bigger breasted women, as long as they make up the mock-up and bring it back to show her so that she can see what stuff needs adjusting, what problems come up etc.

It's fun to have someone you can just "squeeee" with ;)

Now I need to get my ass into gear and make up that Hello Kitty Corset pronto so that I can start working on the underbust for my wedding!

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In other news, we had a rehearsal/feedback session with the director on Sunday and It was fine! Yays! Lots of stuff on this week, Wed-tech rehearsal, Thurs, Fri, Sat performances at the Opera House!!

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