July 27, 2006

Grr-argh morning time!

Keep staying up too late and then not getting up in time in the morning. It's not helping that my phone keeps trying to say that it doesn't have a sim card in it so the alarm also won't work... somehow?!

Anyhoo, I decided that I would do some sewing and mending yesterday and I actually did! I didn't do any of the exercise I wanted to do however, well except I've increased my push-ups to 12 and my crunches to over 60. Did no cycling or skipping. Boo.

Here is what I did do:
- Hemmed my new cords so that they are a sensible length.
- Mending a hole in one of my merino tops (the seam in the armpit had come undone)
- Darned the top of the busk of my black corset. It isn't a pretty mend, but shouldn't be very noticeable. I need to actually put this on so that it works.
- I machined on the binding on my creamy corset! Now all I have to do is the handsewing. I'm going to try and do some more tonight. I am going to finish this thing so that I can start on my Hello Kitty one this weekend. IT WILL BE DONE!!

Did I mention I decided I need to have a corset to wear under my wedding dress? Means I must make at least 2, maybe 3 more this year.

Also did some research into Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremonies. We definitely need a venue that we can sleep over at. This must also be done!


I go do school work now!

Point of Fashion: mended top and pants
Current Obsession: Sewing

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