July 23, 2006

1 Location Down

The shows at the Hutt are over and done with. They didn't start too well.

On the opening night the leads were racing through their lines and skipped a bit out so that I wasn't on stage in time to run on and say my line. The director then decided that he needed to come on stage and yell at us and at me in particular. I still wasn't quite sure what had happened. Awesome, not. Coming back stage during a performance and telling people they aren't doing well enough is *not* the way to get energy levels up. I don't know that I want to work with him again.

THe rest of the shows went well. The Friday Night was especially good. Saturday night Beau and I stayed later and helped with the packign out. I won;t do it at every show, but I am glad we stayed and helped and earned extra kudos with the society!

We have a week off now, with another Rehearsal on Sunday and then the week after we are at the Opera House. The audiences at the Hutt were really good and hopefully they'll do well at the Opera House too.

I also heard that the Porirua Little Theatre are planning on doing Chicago next year! How cool would *that* be!! Added bonuses, only 1 location!!!

I should really be doing marking. Boo Hiss!!

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