August 04, 2006

Oh Fool, Oh Blind, Oh Rash, Oh Base!

Last night was Opening Night at the Opera house. There was so many people there, it was awesome! I couldn't believe it. I am really looking forward to Saturday Matinee when my and Beau's parents will be there. There is nothing like performing for people you actually know!

The Opera house is an old warren. It reminds Beau of the old areas of Wellington Hospital. There are 4 stories of back stage.

Downstairs is the Green Room, but we mustn't make noise there 'cause it travels up and can be heard in the theatre! Very bad for a green room!

The leads get changing rooms on the ground floor, the same level as the stage. However, they can't do their warming up there, because once again the sound will travel.

First floor is the ladies' chorus changing rooms. We have 4 rooms with 3 to a room. It is so crazily spacious after being in the Little Theatre! There are built in column heaters in every room, as well as big light bulbs around the mirrors. It gets very hot in there, but I figure that is good for our voices anyway. We wouldn't want to get cold.

The 2nd floor is where the mens' chorus get changed. They have 2 big rooms and also a flight of stairs that lead to a bricked up wall! I much prefer the ladies' quarters.

One of the dressing rooms decided to decorate and they have a beaded curtain in their doorway and parasols on the inside. I wish we'd thought of that!

The actual stage area is massive! Our little set only takes up about 1/2 the available space so there is much room for wandering around in the back. Last year as we scurried across the floors in our puffy white skirts I was reminded of the swans. This year, the gloomy lights and kimonos turn us into ghostly moths.

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