August 07, 2006

Yay! Full House!

I'm *not* talking about the tv show here.

On Saturday night we had a full house! Awesome. In the Opera House that is more than 400 ppl (I think?). Amazing. It is a buzz to know that there are that many people there, watching you.

Saturday afternoon was especially good for me, even though there was a *much* smaller and quieter audience, it included Beau and my Parents and also Beau's grandparents and sister, so we finally got to go backstage and have people tell us we were good and cool and stuff. Yays. I'm especially happy to hear how much Beau's sister enjoyed the show.

In Masterton next, much smaller, but should be fun. There are plans to stay with Beau's brother and SIL in Featherston. Need to get that confirmed and also need to sort out accomodation in PNOrth. Apparently there's a JW convention that same weekend there and lots of it is booked up. Need to make enquiries of ppl we know. Normally we wouldn't hesistate to stay with Beau's (other) brother and SIL, but they are getting their bathroom done at about the time we want to be there. SUck.

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