August 11, 2006

extended mini post

On sat I decided to buy a lotto ticket,'cause I'm susceptible to advertising. I spend $16.50! A ridiculous amount.

Luckily, today I actually thought to look up last weeks lotto numbers and I had 2 lines with 4 numbers in them that made me twice a 5th division winner (or something) either way, I won $62! I used it to buy another ticket for tomorrow and Hell Pizza for dinner. Yays.

In bad luck, the kittens decided to wee in my school bag and in a basket of clean laundry... awww, aren't they cute?

In future news. Leaving earliesh tomorrow to drive to Masterton.We'll be there for 2 shows. Hopefully that'll go well. I should go pack stuff or something. Hmm.

Recently have been feeling pretty good at school, but unhappy with stuff outside. Keep feeling that I'm a *convenient* friend. Intellectually, I know that isn't true. There are lots of people who want to and are willing to and attempt to hang out with me when it isn't to their convenience, but brain and heart are not the same thing. Silly Giffy. I'm glad I have my Beau to make me know I am wanted.

Point of Fashion: Pants no longer inside out!
Current Obsession: Animal crossing.

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