August 15, 2006

Tuesday Bluesday

Started out well today. Had a really good sleep and woke up easily to a room that was nice and warm. Then I had to go to work. Boo.

Nice things that have happened recently:

Visited with J-j and was introduced to Blackbooks! She has lent me (us) her DVD of the first 3 series. Very enjoyable and funny.

Had lunch at the Wakefield Market. I always enjoy going here. There is a whole mixture of various ethnic food stalls, mostly asian, but not all! Most recently Beau and I had Jamaican Jerk pork there. It was *sooo* good. $8.50 and a *really* big plate of deliciousness. I also like going there for sweet tofu (it's like babyfood) and okonomiyaki and edamame and singapore noodles and bubble tea. Next time Beau and I go we are going to buy some Rewana bread too.Mmm.

Had a really good performance and visit in Wairarapa. I really like going up there on a fine weekend day. We went to a factory shop that sells some Maison De G and I got a merino top for only $10! Also got delicious Schoc Choc. Yummm.

Found out that a friend is happily expectant.

Got to watch a movie I contributed to with friends. It looks so cool.

Had people over to visit and I made nice winter comfort food. There was also pie!

Got to go and have a shower while my lovely sister cleaned up. Love you muggle!

Am cheered up already and soon I'll get to see my beloved.

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