August 29, 2006


Yes! I got called at home this evening and I am a cycling Queen! Have won 3 month gym membership to Configure.

Very cool.

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August 26, 2006

A good Kicking

This is what I deserve for not booking my reception venue over 6 months ago, which is what I first considered the place we've decided on. Because we are set on this place and because time is running out, we are currently pencilled in for Friday 5th of January.

Please Comment

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August 24, 2006


Bullying is alive and well in the NZ school system. There is a great fear of it and there are a variety of reasons kids have to explain their actions.

Take one student who frequently claims they are being bullied. They have caused 4 other students to be stood down (like suspension, but not as extreme) for at least 1 day. They are only half way through their second year at school. Each time it has been because the other student hit them. Each time it has been because of severe provocation. The students who have been stood down do not have a history of violence or even of troublemaking. The most recent one, in particular is a really nice person. The "victim" always gloats after the "bully" has been punished, arriving in class with a huge grin on their face. The "victim" has graffitied their exercise books with hateful words and threats on the "bully". The "victim" has been caught out cheating and lying over class quizzes. Who is the bully?

Bullying is not only to be found in the classroom. It is found in the staffroom. I personally am experiencing it. I have talked about it with other staff members, but as the bully is so high up in the school management system, there isn't really anything to be done. I don't like bullies and I don't like being bullied. I have been known to stand up for myself before, but in this case I won't. I would gain nothing from it and risk much worse.

Notifiying external people is unlikely to produce any results as when ERO was here there was ample opportunity for people to speak out and noone did. All I would do is draw attention to myself and damage my own chances of getting another job and would make the time I have here that much worse. Doing nothing also upsets me. I hate being a coward. It's allowing the bullying to continue and I know that I am not the only target and I know that even if/when I leave the target will only change. Even if I stay and tough it out, a new target will be found.

I am trying to share my story with other staff members and what I get back is more and more horror stories, yet nothing is done. I have spoken with heads of departments, my own and others. I have spoken to the school PPTA representative. If I am unable to stand up for myself, they should be able to do something for me. They can't or won't do anything, they also risk too much.

This is a horrible situation to be in. I am lucky that I managed to escape a full 2 years without being picked up on the bully's radar. It is unlikely that I will stay at my current school past this year. Other aspects of the school are fabulous, but this aspect is grinding me to nothing. Feel free to ask me about it, if I talk too much about it, I may start crying, as it does upset me. However, talking also frees me and I just think that if I do keep talking about it, maybe others will really listen.

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August 21, 2006

Mud Monster

Had our 4th venue over the weekend. I really like Pram, if only 'cause I get to stay with Matt and Debz!

The shows went down pretty well and we had full houses both times. However, the audiences are much quieter than those in Wgtn or Masterton so we don't get as much feedback and thus don't get or give as much energy as we are capable of.

We only have PNorth to go now, and it is weeks away so doesn't bear thinking about.

On Sunday came home and had Sass over and then in a fit of tired anti-social-ness, left her and the others eating dinner to vege out in the bath reading a Jodi Picoult novel. I haven't had a bath for soo long! I also put on a mud mask, 'cause the stage make-up and lack of sleep has made my skin go pretty yucky. It was a bit strange reading in the bath feel my face get harder and harder, but when I washed it off, my skin just felt so smooth and happy. It is still pimply, but *I* feel better about it ;)

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August 15, 2006

Tuesday Bluesday

Started out well today. Had a really good sleep and woke up easily to a room that was nice and warm. Then I had to go to work. Boo.

Nice things that have happened recently:

Visited with J-j and was introduced to Blackbooks! She has lent me (us) her DVD of the first 3 series. Very enjoyable and funny.

Had lunch at the Wakefield Market. I always enjoy going here. There is a whole mixture of various ethnic food stalls, mostly asian, but not all! Most recently Beau and I had Jamaican Jerk pork there. It was *sooo* good. $8.50 and a *really* big plate of deliciousness. I also like going there for sweet tofu (it's like babyfood) and okonomiyaki and edamame and singapore noodles and bubble tea. Next time Beau and I go we are going to buy some Rewana bread too.Mmm.

Had a really good performance and visit in Wairarapa. I really like going up there on a fine weekend day. We went to a factory shop that sells some Maison De G and I got a merino top for only $10! Also got delicious Schoc Choc. Yummm.

Found out that a friend is happily expectant.

Got to watch a movie I contributed to with friends. It looks so cool.

Had people over to visit and I made nice winter comfort food. There was also pie!

Got to go and have a shower while my lovely sister cleaned up. Love you muggle!

Am cheered up already and soon I'll get to see my beloved.

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August 11, 2006

extended mini post

On sat I decided to buy a lotto ticket,'cause I'm susceptible to advertising. I spend $16.50! A ridiculous amount.

Luckily, today I actually thought to look up last weeks lotto numbers and I had 2 lines with 4 numbers in them that made me twice a 5th division winner (or something) either way, I won $62! I used it to buy another ticket for tomorrow and Hell Pizza for dinner. Yays.

In bad luck, the kittens decided to wee in my school bag and in a basket of clean laundry... awww, aren't they cute?

In future news. Leaving earliesh tomorrow to drive to Masterton.We'll be there for 2 shows. Hopefully that'll go well. I should go pack stuff or something. Hmm.

Recently have been feeling pretty good at school, but unhappy with stuff outside. Keep feeling that I'm a *convenient* friend. Intellectually, I know that isn't true. There are lots of people who want to and are willing to and attempt to hang out with me when it isn't to their convenience, but brain and heart are not the same thing. Silly Giffy. I'm glad I have my Beau to make me know I am wanted.

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August 07, 2006

Yay! Full House!

I'm *not* talking about the tv show here.

On Saturday night we had a full house! Awesome. In the Opera House that is more than 400 ppl (I think?). Amazing. It is a buzz to know that there are that many people there, watching you.

Saturday afternoon was especially good for me, even though there was a *much* smaller and quieter audience, it included Beau and my Parents and also Beau's grandparents and sister, so we finally got to go backstage and have people tell us we were good and cool and stuff. Yays. I'm especially happy to hear how much Beau's sister enjoyed the show.

In Masterton next, much smaller, but should be fun. There are plans to stay with Beau's brother and SIL in Featherston. Need to get that confirmed and also need to sort out accomodation in PNOrth. Apparently there's a JW convention that same weekend there and lots of it is booked up. Need to make enquiries of ppl we know. Normally we wouldn't hesistate to stay with Beau's (other) brother and SIL, but they are getting their bathroom done at about the time we want to be there. SUck.

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August 04, 2006

Oh Fool, Oh Blind, Oh Rash, Oh Base!

Last night was Opening Night at the Opera house. There was so many people there, it was awesome! I couldn't believe it. I am really looking forward to Saturday Matinee when my and Beau's parents will be there. There is nothing like performing for people you actually know!

The Opera house is an old warren. It reminds Beau of the old areas of Wellington Hospital. There are 4 stories of back stage.

Downstairs is the Green Room, but we mustn't make noise there 'cause it travels up and can be heard in the theatre! Very bad for a green room!

The leads get changing rooms on the ground floor, the same level as the stage. However, they can't do their warming up there, because once again the sound will travel.

First floor is the ladies' chorus changing rooms. We have 4 rooms with 3 to a room. It is so crazily spacious after being in the Little Theatre! There are built in column heaters in every room, as well as big light bulbs around the mirrors. It gets very hot in there, but I figure that is good for our voices anyway. We wouldn't want to get cold.

The 2nd floor is where the mens' chorus get changed. They have 2 big rooms and also a flight of stairs that lead to a bricked up wall! I much prefer the ladies' quarters.

One of the dressing rooms decided to decorate and they have a beaded curtain in their doorway and parasols on the inside. I wish we'd thought of that!

The actual stage area is massive! Our little set only takes up about 1/2 the available space so there is much room for wandering around in the back. Last year as we scurried across the floors in our puffy white skirts I was reminded of the swans. This year, the gloomy lights and kimonos turn us into ghostly moths.

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