July 15, 2006

Entry 300 - mostly on shopping

So, I decided that doing all my driving in one day was the better choice. That meant we had Wednesday free in Auckland and we spent a fair amount of it shopping!

I went with Jexia and X to playcentre first. I was just there for maybe 40min. It was so busy and cool! They had so much stuff, slides, swings, paintings, dress-ups, toys, books, music and CARPENTRY! Seriously amazing.

Then I walked back to check that Beau was awake. He was, but he didn't seem to want to go anywhere. I told him what I wanted to do, have brunch at his cousins' cafe, watch PotCII and pick some stuff his sister had left in Auckland that she wanted transported back to Wgtn. He didn't want that, but he didn't spell it out to me. He just said he wanted to see his (other, he has 3) sister for lunch, but he didn't actually get around to doing anything about it. Eventually he didn text her, but she wasn't free until 1. That was somewhat later than I wanted, but he got *his* way. There was a minor fight.

However, it was cool having lunch with them and his Sis pointed out a factory clothing shop and a cool jewellery store that would have Sass *drooling*, although she may now be inured to fancy jewellery after her big EU holiday. They also told us thow to get to Dressmart! We went shopping that afternoon and managed to get a pair of pants and shoes for Beau at the factory shop and a pair of cufflinks and a present for Emba at the jewellery store. I hope she likes them!

At Dressmart I got two new pairs of pants from Max. Yay! Black cords and black velvet-y style ones. Both should be ok for school. I'm so happy about the black cords, I have a soft spot for corderuoy. Always have since I was little. Beau also got a pair of pants and another pair of shoes. Both are very needful. He put the shoes on and threw out his old pair right away. That's how bad they were.

When we got back to J and O's house, we started to get ready for dinner. Homemade hamburgers. Soo good. Lots of yummy mustard in the actual burger patties. We ate so well on our holidays.

The next day we drove back and got back in time for Mikado practice and we even had time to go to Beau's parents house and drop off the stuff for his sister! That was Thursday.

On Friday I had a good sleep in and had a really nice long bath. Then eventually I organised to meet up with Zeph and I went into town and bought a pair of proper black boots (cheapy from Ichiban) and... the tiny suit from Maison de G. Very tiny and the shorts are size 12! I was worried about when I was ever going to where it so I decided to wear it today. It looks pretty cute. I think I could use it as part of a costume for cheese-cake pin-up photos. Yay!

Today I went along to join crazy Kapiti movie-makers. Basically a much cut down Jenni's Angels. I was going to arrive late, but didn't mean to arrive as late as I did. Bap had decided to have a sulk over being back in Wgtn and having yucky weather so she didn't start. Silly car. Did eventually though and I got safe and sound to Kapiti.

Miss Scarlett and I had planned to drive back together and I was really looking forward to catching up and talking to her for the hour or so it took us to get back. However, there were quite a few other people who wanted a ride back at the same time. My car is little and troublesome and I still have stuff to empty out of the boot. I didn't want to take people. I wanted to hang out with Miss Scarlett. Didn't happen though, I ended up taking two extra people home. Ah well. I'll hopefully see her tonight.

Highlights of crazy movie making today... Lee-lee in a ridiculous "super-suit" and hugs from Jenni.

Point of Fashion: Tiny Suit!
Current Obsession: Still corsetry.

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