July 01, 2006

Students ate my Brain

But I'm recovering:P

Yay for it being holidays. I have a whole bunch of marking to do, but that's ok, 'cause I don't have to teach for 2 weeks!! Bwahahahaha!

However, two weeks is not enough. I want more time with less students. To borrow from Random Kate; Le Sigh.

To help me get over the horror of school I hung out with Evie yesterday. We went and looked at clothes and I only bought 1 thing that wasn't completely sensible, and that was fingerless gloves from Maison d'G. Which is actually pretty damned sensible if you think about it!

Oh, I also bought *delicious* trade aid dark chocolate... soooooo goood! My littlest sister (bambi) put me onto that.

Stayed out pretty late at Evie's just talking and looking at books. 'Twas relaxing and good.

Today I got up nice and early to go visit Grishma. Grishma is the woman who waxes my legs and threads my eyebrows. SHe is *awesome*. I am now totally ready for spa tonight!!

I also was good and went to the Warewhare and bought a big plastic container for me to tidy into. I have decided I shall be putting costume stuff into it. Then it can go into the shed. I also bought another set of flannelette sheets and when I got home, I PUT THEM STRAIGHT INTO THE WASHING MACHINE!! Amazing. They are hanging and drying on the line, right now. I am normally wayyy to slack to both washing before use. Our other set of flannelette sheets didn't get washed first and so my polyprop that I wore to bed in them when they were cold has since been named "Mr Linty" due to the large amount of light blue fluff on it. Ahh.

I also did the dishes and cooked brunch for Beau and myself. Awesome. I should actually tidy stuff away into that box I bought.... but instead I shall go on the exercycle and watch the last disk of Angelic Layer.

Point of Fashion: Intending to Exercise
Current Obsession: Incredibly tiny suit from House of G. I think I need it. It is all ridiculous and tiny! Tiny shorts instead of pants, tiny jacket that is almost regency style.... wants it... must get to 68kg!!

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