July 05, 2006

Fussin' Homeowner

Yuck. Have spent a significant amount of the day teetering around the attic of our house. This is because today they house decided that rain and wind equals a need to leak! Curses.

The attic isn't actually that bad. It is very dusty and you can see daylight coming through chinks in the roofing! However, no animals appear to live there, maybe some spiders, but that is it, so it isn't too gross at all. Our house was built long enough ago that the roofing doesn't have anything but the tiles in it. No second layer of plastic or whatever. We need to get some of the tiling repaired... but not until later!

The other annoying thing that has happened recently is that the dishwasher has decided to play silly buggers and when we had ppl over on Monday, it decided it must beep incessantly. The next day when we plugged it back in it was ok. I blame the demons.

In good house stuff, muggle and pirip have been on a house tidying trip, due to the kittens so our main living areas are pretty danged tidy, however the guest room is *not*. I need to tidy it, but I just want a holiday with me needing to do *nothing*!!

I cleaned the bathroom today including washing the shower curtain and scrubbing the floors. I won't be doing that again for a while! I might need to have a bath tonight to reward myself for it.

I'm looking forward to getting some baby cuddling in this afternoon, just gotta finish up some stuff around the house, then I am outta here!!

Point of Fashion: dusty chic
Current Obsession: Why does the bathroom seem to accumulate the most fluff??

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