April 04, 2006

GYaH!! or A Break From Parent Teacher Interviews

I've always hated P-T interviews, ever since I was the one being interviewed about. I had times when I was really unhappy, often due to home life, ok, due to the horrible fighting I went through (and sometimes still go through) with my mother. Sometimes I was unhappy at school but happy at home. Either way, I wanted to keep my home life and my school life seperate. P-T interviews prevent this from occuring.

Now that I am a teacher I still hate them. They smack of extra work and pressure. However, they are a good opportunity to get to really push across the "Homework Message" to students. Most of the time it is the "good" kids' parents who come anyway. You tend to find that the "bad" kids' parents aren't bothered enough over their children's education to attend interviews. Which kinda sucks.

I talked to a student and parent earlier about how her mark wasn't necessarily indicative of what she knows. I think she just got confused by the test, because she had already shown that she knew the subject. I was trying to make sure the parent understood that she wasn't doing badly, she had just tested poorly. The student cried! I felt pretty bad, but I know I really didn't do anything this time. I think she was just that disappointed in herself. I hope her Mum gave her a big hug later!

Anyhoo enough rambling, I better go back to the library and see if someone has shown early.

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Posted by giffy at April 4, 2006 04:16 PM