March 31, 2006

Cheer-up Charlie!

Stonesoup may have a new lease on life thanks to carla! Hurrah! I didn't really want to go to just LJ. I like stonesoup, it is a boutique blogging center!

Other things that have cheered me up recently:

Hugging Sass,
Having Scarlett over,
Muggle cooking us pie,
Piripi doing the dishes,
Making a beautiful hat and getting paid for it,
Oh, having my birthday with many people coming!
Seeing ex-flattie "Cookie" and having a nice chat with her,
Deciding to go visit my Beau in Mastertron,
Going to Millinery class and knowing what to do!
Presents and presents leading to hot baths,
Having the Principal watch a class and the students be *very* good,
Having the Principal say "very good" when she left,
Weighing less than I ever have since I started weighing myself recently,
Buying my breakfast at a bakery....shush!


Point of Fashion: Miss, you look weird but cool
Current Obsession: To go to Martinborough on the way back or not?


I forgot to add that I also got post from Japan Yesterday! Pretty, pretty card.

I might add more stuff later as I remember it.

Like, it is sunny today!!

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