March 23, 2006

Goodbye stonesoup!

The end of stonesoup is nigh. It makes me a bit sad. I'm not sure what will happen with the archives. I should save all my posts on a DVD or something though.

In other news. My birthday is soon! Saturday even. I have 44 people down on the list to come and am almost hopeful that some people don't turn up. It may be ridiculously crowded. I was supposed to start saying "No" to people when it got to 40, but I *couldn't*! Luckily some people dropped out today, otherwise the numbers would be more ridiculous.

How did I get to have this many people wanting to come to celebrate me? I must just be friendly. Also, many friends come with another person attached. Thus double the friends for half the effort... or something?

I don't know if people are having difficulties with presents? Noone has really said anything and I don't expect everyone to give them to me, although I do expect that I will get *some*! Anyhoo, hear is some stuff I would like:

Flannelette pajamas
Flannelette sheets!
Clothes, particularly merino tops, I got a few from House of G last year for about $30 each and I've been seeing them around again this year. I *love* them for layering and keeping me warm and healthy. I would particularly like something pale lavender 'cause I have several pairs of socks with that colour on them. ;)
OTK and Thigh high socks and stockings. Also regular stockings.
Another tracksuit. The one Zeph gave me last year has had *lots* of wear.
Lush bath stuff! I have got a bath.
Honey hive stuff, particularly fruit wines and methlegin (ginger mead).
A watch. My last one was a digital and was given to me for a birthday a few years ago. It was sadly lost in Motueka. I'm hoping my Aunt has found it! I really need one for school. :(
Oh, I like home baking/cooking! mmmm.

I just like presents so most stuff is good. Except candles and ornaments. I'm sorry if you think you have a perfect one for me. I actually like them fine, I just feel our house is quite full enough of them.

Remember no presents is fine, your presence is a great one!

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