March 22, 2006

Walkies on Sunday?

Indepth info on walkies from my Dad
Hi folks… here's some garbled details for our walk on Sunday 26 March 2006.

Start: either (a) Wn railway stn platform 9 at 9:15am, or (b) Peter and Ushi Keller's place 44 Richard Street at 10:00am

We can park in parking areas in Richard Street and we will do a loop walk and come back to the same place. Peter's house is right by the start/finish of the walk.

Peter has kindly invited us for a cuppa before we head out. This may also allow some breathing space for the relics of Giffy's Party of the night before to catch up.

The walk will take us about 3 hrs I guess, and weather permitting Peter and Ushi have invited us to have a BBQ back at their house when we get there… so bring the usual.

Remember to bring protection from bad weather and we will be on an exposed coastline, and wear strong shoes. We will do this even if the weather looks bad.

You will recall Peter and Ushi, two small children and one dog, from the Butterfly Creek walk last year.

This webpage has a plan (pdf) for our proposed walk prepared by Peter Keller…

If you can view these maps, then Peter's comments following relate to them.

"A" 1st state house in Titahi Bay. This street has some intersting state houses. I think they let the architects have some artistic freedom for a little while.

"B" Ice cream shop.

"C" WG Baker's house (19th century artist).

"D" Our house (44 Richard St). Room for two cars to park at the very end of the street. Rest can park further down.

Giffy has found these other links…

This page also seems useful!
It has details on Whitireia Park, and also has a link to a street map to the start of the walk at Titahi Bay (Richards Street)

Hope to see you there.

Please ring me or Giffy if you will be seeking a ride from Platform 9… just
to make sure we don't leave without you.
Cheers, Giffy's Dad

Posted by giffy at March 22, 2006 02:19 PM