April 11, 2006

Just a taste!

Only 2 more days until school is over for the term. I can't wait. I kinda wish it was over-over, but no. I shall definitely last out until the end of the year. If only so I can go on the Japanese trip! It might even be that at the end of the year I am full of vim and vigour and ready for more. Might.

Yesterday was Jonno and C-L's wedding. I couldn't get leave. It would have been non-paid leave and on a Parent-teacher day in the last week of term with all my classes having assessments on the following days. Was not going to happen. However, I did have a non-contact that started just after the wedding was due to start and it was interval before that, so I would have got to see some of the ceremony. Again didn't happen, wedding events took time and conspired so that I only got to see the couple arrive together before I had to leave. They both looked beautiful. I am really happy I got to see them. Jonno looked dashing in his suit and C-L managed to almost look relaxed in a completely gorgeous dress.

I should really do more planning on *my* wedding. Errr...

Easter is coming up and I don't know that I'll actually have much time for relaxing. Beau and i are supposed to be headed to Wanaka, but we haven't booked flights yet. I imagine we shall be paying through the nose, but I think we do both still want to go.

I bought a box of Oolong tea a few months ago and I opened it today. I like it. I've had about 4 cups so far... I hope it isn't bad for me. I think I might bring my little teapot with me to Hokio. On the weekend Beau and I went to Tea leaf and on Jenni's recommendation I bought some turkish apple tea. I like it. It is sweet enough as it is. I don't need to add any sugar!

mm-mm herbal teas make me happy.

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