April 10, 2006

The storm released me

Last night I woke up at 1am all itchy and hot and couldn't sleep. Things smelt funny, Beau was like a radiator, the blankets felt strange. I dozed fitfully until I remember seeing huge lighting and hearing thunder. I believe I mumbled something like " Look at the lunder". Hearing the rain pouring down and the rumble of thunder I was suddenly able to relax.

Have had a pretty busy weekend with Beau over. Had planned to hang out with Evie on Friday but she wasn't well so was having people at her place and Beau arrived in Wgtn 2 hours later than he said he would, so we just ended up at home. Which has plusses.

Managed to drag ourselves out of bed to the stonesoup brunch, which was very cool. I'm glad stonesoup isn't over and I'm extra glad Carla figured out how to fix comments!! Lil sis Bambi met us there. After that we meandered down to Dymocks. Took ages to get there and I was wearing my adorable brown boots which aren't much fun to walk any kind of distance in, but it was bearable. Plus, adorable! Meandered back to the car. Which was all the exercise I did that day. Lazy Giffy!

To make up for the lazy week I've had I did 2 lots of 5k on the treadmill at Beau's parents on Sunday. I also ate two puddings, so not so great. My weight is up again. I'll try and get it down this week. I partly blame bad food, but also bloating due to PMT. I really want to get to 70kg in the holidays so that I can *finally* shop! I think Beau is worried about how much I might spend. Fair enough.

Meh, Parent-teacher interviews today. Suck-bite.

Wedding today, which I can't get leave for. Should be able to do a fly-by though.

Point of Fashion: look parents, I'm all teachery!
Current Obsession: Boo, Beau goes back to Masterton.

Posted by giffy at April 10, 2006 09:18 AM