February 18, 2006

Mellow and not Yellow

I'm having a good weekend. Ben Harper is playing on the computer and it is good.

I managed to survive Thursday and Friday pretty well. The first times I've ever had to teach 5 periods on a row with no non-contact between them. I just hope I can keep it up without getting too stressed about it. Thursdays are trickier for me than Fridays 'cause then I have my non-contact last and on Friday I have it 1st meaning I basically have 2 non-contacts in a row to get organised for the day, plus lunch-time is a good organise-y time for me.

Yesterday I also met up with Evie and then we headed over to Emba's new flat. It is lovely and it was lovely to hang out with her and her sis and the others when they arrived. Evie and I didn't stay *too* late though 'cause we had dinner waiting for us back in the Hutt. Yummy chicken and noodles! Yay for Jarrat's cooking!

Evie also got a dressmakers dummy! Very cool. It isn't quite whole, but Dagger also came over and they spent time going over it and in the end figured that it could be fixed. I also managed to do some work on the corset and finally cut my pattern down to size.

Today I got woken up by my Dad. He was coming over to borrow my car, since it has a tow bar and theirs don't. I couldn't get back to sleep after so I got up and did two loads of washing! Including washing my quilt and the fabric for my corset. Very good. I also steamed pork buns for muggle and Beau's breakfast!

Dad came back over and we had a bit of a chat, but I realised I needed to get going and hopped on the exercycle, this is 'cause Tash and I had organised to go look at a dressmakers. I was still peddling when she arrived but she seemed pretty happy to chat to Dad and Beau while I finished up with that and quickly had a shower.

We then headed over to Shika's. This is the dressmaker. She is a thai woman my Mum knows who specialises in bridal and evening wear. She has been working out of her home, but is just about to open a shop in Hataitai. She had several dresses up as examples of her work and talked to Tash quite a bit about what she wanted. She ended up quoting her about $1500, this includes fabric and quite a bit of hand embroidery and beading so isn't mad. It is quite a bit more than Tash was quoted at another dressmakers, but the other dressmaker wants Tash to go and buy all the fabric and notions which she is quite intimidated by, plus that also takes up the time Tash could be spending doing other stuff. So Tash is undecided, but is leaning towards Shika, just 'cause she seemed to have a better attitude than the other woman, plus, Tash doesn't really want to spend all that time looking for the stuff.

Anywho, I'll be going to Chelle and J's tonight. Better get to it and make up my "plate".

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