February 15, 2006

Another V-day another regular day

Went back and read what I was up to last year around this time and that was cool. Mostly the same stuff as this year, although now I have a house and rather than getting excited about other people's engagements I'm excited about mine!

This summer I've already attended 3 weddings and been a bridesmaid at one. I still have 4 more weddings to attend this year as well as 1 civil union party. I shall be a bridesmaid 2 more times this year and hopefully next year I shall be a bride!


In my regular style, I didn't get organised enough to send Valentine's out for the day. I pretty much am never organised enough to, but then always want to the next year and then never do! I think I just need to make the cards and start sending them out. People are always saying you should "celebrate" love everyday of the year, so noone should complain about lateness or anything, right?

This year was my turn to do something for Beau and I really wanted to buy him a TV, but we looked at big screen TVs and we decided that if we really want one, we want an LCD screen, 'cause regular TVs are just too big!! Thus, I did not buy him a TV. I did buy him coconut buns and roast pork buns that I shall be heating up tonight. I also paid for our dinner at Leuven. It was very good, but we ate so much we couldn't eat dessert! Yikes!

School continues to happen, luckily the kids are mostly good at the beginning of the year. This makes life better.

Point of Fashion:
Have been exercising
Current Obsession: My Beau

Posted by giffy at February 15, 2006 03:59 PM