February 08, 2006

Yesterday I saw 18 goats!

Gah, I haven't updated in ages. What has been happening...

On Friday Beau and I went to Matt and Debz house to "celebrate" the end of the school year. We drank and made most merry. We played various PS2 games and dressed in lovely dresses. We convinced people that they should mission up from Wellington and join us!! Altogether *awesome*

On Saturday we drove back home and I hung out with my Tasha. We had yummy food from the Wakefield Market! I love the Wakefield Market foodcourt!!! Sadly, the Japanese dessert stand will now be closed as the proprietors are moving back to Japan. Still, I got to try 3 types of ice-cream, so I'm not too sad.

Beau and I went over to his parents for dinner that night and Svend and Star showed up too, so it was actually quite a big gathering. Yay!

Sunday.. hmm.. what happened on Sunday?? Jenni and Lee's Wedding of course!
I was picked up late at 9.10am, but apparently it was planned as they knew I would be running late. Clever Chelle! I'd already been up over an hour by then getting hair etc ready. Sass came along with us as she was in charge of the hair. We then headed to Jenni's and had some drinks and the other girl's got their hair done. Mine continued to be set.

At 11 we headed over to Kirk's and got our makeup done at the Bobbi Brown counter. Very nice! Very expensive but *very nice*. Jenni got extra shimmer because she is the bride, but then she also paid extra money so it is only fair!

We then grabbed some lunchables at the cafe and headed to Lee's parents for dressing. Jenni was indeed the fastest to get dressed. We took a bit longer, although I'm pleased with how quickly I managed to finish with the hair and put on the clothes. Props to Sass for getting the feathers in there.

Photos were then taken at the Botanical Gardens where there was little wind and lots of Sun. Much fun was had with parasols. After that we headed to the Castle in case more photos were required. Props to Svend for negotiating that narrow road while large oncoming SUVs were taking up all possible space!

Then we waited. Then the ceremony occured. I think that hanging round with them all day and knowing what was happening took away some of the impact for me. I still teared up a bit. I had to grin at how Lee dealt with the pressure of the wedding ring not fitting immediately. I also had to smile at how us bridesmaids were all good and lined up according to height and holding our hands neatly in front, whereas the guys were standing there with untucked shirts and some may have had hands in pockets!!

The rest of the wedding continued to be awesome! Many people said I looked fabulous. The food was yummy. The speeches were touching. Especially Jenni's Dad and Lee's! I drank a bunch of wine and talked to a passel of people. Eventually I got home feeling that it was *very* late, but it wasn't actually! Yay for sleep! Thanks to Chelle and J for taking me home.

The next day I got up earlyish to take Beau to work. Since I wasn't going to be able to get back to sleep I made pancakes for everyone and watched TV. Eventually got dressed and headed to the post-wedding meet and greet. Food there was also great. Ate much food and was amazed at presents they recieved and looked at pictures and didn't like the way I looked in them.

Then took flatties and headed to J-j and her Beau's engagement/housewarming party. Ate more yummy food and played an enjoyable game of Trivial Pursuit, although I must say, Too much Trivial Pursuit and Not Enough Pie, make Sokky and Sass Go Crazy!!

Eventually made it home to watch silly DVDs and go to sleep.

The next day, yesterday, I started school. It is going ok. I have gotten to show many people the engagement bling. I need to now go and do some work though.


Point of Fashion: Kimono-type over shirt
Current Obsession: How much work do I actually still have to do??

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