February 02, 2006

Vicious Pastries

Yesterday I got bored. I have got crafts I can do, like make a hat for Jenni, or finish knitting the scarf for Mum, or adjust my corset pattern. I did not want to do them. Crafts are more fun when there is someone else there to talk with while you do stuff.

I also realised that I am in the last days of my holiday! Horrific. I needed something cool and fun to do! So I picked up Nick and Conan and took them over to my house and forced them to read my 7th form diary. Fools!!!

I love my 7th form diary. It is the best diary I ever had ever. Although, my 6th form one is also good. It is full of random writings and pictures and stuff I just glued in. One major contributer to my diary is Sokky. This is because her and I had physics and chemistry together everyday. We always sat and "worked" together. My diary has "munky raychell", "the angry muffin" and "the ribosomes on the endoplasmic reticulum", all thanks to Sokky.

It is pretty damned awesome. Looking at it makes me want another "scribble in" diary. I also know that I can get a free small diary from the office. Who would be willing to contribute to it? You would be given the diary for days at a time and be expected to go through it and write and draw and stick in random stuff. Then it would be passed on to others. Eventually you would get it back again later and get to see what others had done and if they have commented on your own stuff.

You know you want to! I go to the office now to get one!!!

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