February 01, 2006

Crazy Hair Up

I went to school today with my hair in curlers and noone mentioned a thing. I'm wondering if I'm getting passe? (stupid no acute and lack of spelling skills).

Getting to school took just under 1 and a half hours, when it normally takes me under 20mins!! What was up with that today? I listened to the radio but didn't hear anything about it.

Listening to the radio a couple of days ago, I found out that the number of single parent homes is the same now as it was, say, a hundred years ago. There were more people who were married then and people didn't divorce but the husband (or wife) was more likely to have simply run-off or died than they are now. Amazing!

I had fun at Jenni's last night and will have fun at my house tonight. We are getting our eyebrows and legs done. There is to be roast chicken for dinner! Miss Scarlett will also be over and will be filling up wedding boxes. Rockin'

Can't think of anything else. Comment to give me the love.

Point of Fashion: hair practise
Current Obsession: How long will these bloody hiccups last??!!

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