January 26, 2006

Engagement Bling!!

I got my engagement bling yesterday! It is sooo shiny! My Jeweller is sooo cool! He is the father of one of my students and we went over to their house to pick it up. His wife is also super nice and was just so happy for us! I even got a text later on from their daughter (my student) congratulating me! Awww! I must show it to more people!

Also yesterday visited at Scarlet and Alan's new place. Very cool! Nice big windows, huge lounge plus spare room/ office for Scarlet! Looking forward to the flatwarming ;)

Popped in and visited Quarantine apt to pick up my bridesmaids dress. I was paranoid that it wouldn't fit 'cause apparently the others are having some troubles, but no, it is totally fine. It is still a bit loose at the top, but that is due to me having smallish breasts more than anything else. I'll wear the "chicken fillets" underneath so it'll be fine. Also Muggle has leant me a necklace and I've got shoes and it is looking good!


Point of Fashion: Sooo Shiny!
Current Obsession: SoOo Shiny!

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