January 30, 2006

Lucky People Get Massage

I personally have had the joy of being massaged by more than one person at any one time. It is a fabulous thing. You body sort of goes into a sensory overload and you actually can't think, only feel, only feel damned good! A bunch of people got to experience this joy yesterday and I know that I'm jealous! Hopefully it'll happen again... right?

Anyhoo, I think massage is a fabulous, intimate and sensual thing. It is actually a wonderful thing to share with your friends and even family. Often as adults we do not actually touch other people a lot, unless it is your partner/lover, so it can be a kinda "scary/weird thing" to do. If you can get passed that then it is awesome.

To me, massage is a pretty natural thing. I have childhood memories of my dad reading me (and the others that followed) bedtime stories and then giving me back scratches and shoulder/neck rubs to help me relax and fall asleep.

My Mum is the one who gets the kudos for teaching me to massage, so if you have gotten the benefit of that at any time, you must thank her! She had me massaging her from age 7!! I remember when I was 12 I even walked on someones back! I didn't get why she was always getting me to "check her head of white hairs", to rub her feet or scratch her back. It wasn't that much fun for me! I'd get bored and she'd be all, "NO, keep going!". Now I see that she was getting sweet scalp, leg and back massages. I'm even kinda grateful, because that's why I have any massaging talent. Plus, we had some of my best teenaged talks while I was blathering on about my life, and she was zoning out in the land of massage.

And on a related side note... Debbie + Norman's Spa + Alcohol is one of life's sweetest cocktails!!

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