May 27, 2005

You and whose Army? - Some thoughts on my Grandpa

In WWII my Grandpa did not fight. At his funeral I heard someone speak and say that when war was emminent Grandpa had said that he hoped he had the courage to fight. Instead he had the courage not to.

Many people I know when they talk about their grandparents, will mention the role they play in the WWs. Well, one set of my grandparents were Thai so weren't really involved, the other set were pakeha NZers and also Christian Pacifists. I often find it hard to mention this after people do this sort of speal on the stuff their Grandparents did for the war effort. My Grandparents protested and my Grandpa, as a conscientious objector went to jail. He believed more in loving thy neighbour than defending his country.

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May 26, 2005

Keeping Busy / Dating Friends.

So, as planned, in order not to pine overmuch about my Beau's departure to the "orient" I have been keeping busy.


I got organised and had dinner with my friend and workmate AW and her daughter, also AW. This is the same workmate and daughter that went along to Armageddon with me. I love hanging out with mini-A as she is incredibly cute, also she associates me with fun stuff, like dressing up and singing and being read to, so she looks forward to seeing me and acts really cute. She is currently enjoying saying my name a-lot and repetitively. I still think it's cute!

We had Pizza for dinner from "Hungry Kiwis Pizza" a total Hutt thing. They are pretty yummy and they have a "brunch pizza"! It has scrambled eggs and hollandais sauce on it! I love it. Mini-A also loved it. She ate almost as many pieces as me, as well as a cup of frozen peas! She is going to start associating me with Pizza soon as she has only had it twice, and both times I bought it. Hmm.

I was there for mini-A's bathtime and bedtime. At bedtime Mummy-A helped her with saying her prayers. She prayed for me, herself, her Mum, her "auntie" (their flatmate and friend since highschool with mummy-A), her grandparents, her friend's house, cats, dogs and all the little ducks. So cute.

Mummy-A is so cool and was one of my first "school/work friends" and is also a single mum. I think she gets quite frustrated that she can't really go out with other friends who don't have kids, if only because the activities we do often go later than mini-A's bedtime. Not only that but if she does go out without mini-A, she feels abit guilty because she already doesn't see her all day while she is at work. I personally think she is awesome and I feel lucky that I actually get to be quite a large presense in mini-A's little life. Another of my friends recently also became a largely single Mum. I hope that I can support her in some ways too.

Woo that was longer than I'd thought continuing:


Jenni and I had arranged ages ago to see the dress rehearsal of Maui, One Man Against the Gods and we did. It was cool! Even tho we sat way at the back it was still very, very cool! The music was great and the stories familiar, but not at all boring. The set was really neat and I was amazed at how much the stage could do! make doors, turn into steps and so on. Very cool. I also loved the acrobatics, Yay for Aerial work! I wish I could do a whole bunch of that. I wish I could do a lot of things. Not the least being be in a big production like that.

The familiarity of the stories was very handy, because while there were words and speaking, it was all in Te Reo, which I did not understand beyond Ae, Kau and Ka Pai Tama. Ahhh, the huge feeling of ignorance. If I have kids I am totally going to see if I can get them into a Kohanga Reo and then a Kura. Even so, you don't need to understand Maori to understand the story, and if you really are concerned you can buy a programme to explain it all.

Before the show Jenni and I had Nando's for dinner. I should point out that I had Entertainment Book vouchers for all of these places. Anyway we had Nando's for dinner and I paid, because, with the vouchers it was cheap and also, why not? Plus, she should be saving or something. ANyhoo, that was Yum and also made it into a date. At the end of the evening when I dropped Jenni off at home she told me that I was a good date, but that she wasn't inviting me up... oh well, maybe next time ;D. It's nice to know that I'm a good date.


Had dinner with Derek (Entertainment book remember? It ends this coming Tuesday so I'm trying to use it as much as possible, hence all the dinners). I was a bit surprised when he volunteered to have dinner with me, because we've never hung out "on our own". He's more Beau's friend than mind (if you are reading this Derek, you know it is true). We were supposed to go to a vegetarian place from the EB, but it had closed down and turned into a Cosmic Corner, so instead we went to Ban Mai Thai, which I've been meaning to go to for a while. A friend of my Mum's owns it and she was there, she was also 7 months pregnant, which was a bit of a surprise.

I had northern food, which I love. Their Som Tam (a carrot salad) was spicier than I am used to, I think the waitress misheard my "a little hot", or maybe they were thinking I was more Thai than I am, but it was sooo yummy. Derek had green vegetarian curry. I virtuosly did not steal any of it, even tho the mushrooms looked extra delicious.

I had parked my car up by Real Groovey and had to walk past Fidels, which made me think of cheesecake and Evie-chan. I was still thinking about it at the end of dinner and so convinced Derek that I would pay for dinner (he is a poor student) if he would buy me a hot chocolate and a slice of cheesecake. Mmmm cheesecake (and Evie!?). So we went there after dinner and I got there and they didn't have the flavour cheesecake I had been thinking of. Instead they had this strawberry/raspberry/boysenberry flavour.... and it was just as good! Ahhh such delicious cheesecake (and still also thinking of Evie).

I had a really fun time hanging out with Derek, we have never hung out together for that long a time either. I am sure I talked way too much and was probably rude. Well, that is my way. I don't think he hated it tho. He walked me to my car and then we said good-bye.

Two of the people I had dinner with gave me a kiss when we parted. Who???


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May 23, 2005

My Beau has Left Me...

...and everyone else in this country, as he heads overseas to do some important part of his doctor training. It's funny as I was being silly in the staffroom and saying that "he had left me... for india" and a fellow workmate roundly told me off for scaring him. He initially thought I meant that we had broken up or that he had dumped me. He was worried for me! Aww. Anyway, that is not the case. We are definitely not broken up, we are just seperated by seas is all.

I'm kinda ignoring the fact that I won't see him for months by pretending to myself that I will see him soon. Afterall, my life hasn't changed. I'm still waking up in the same bed, driving in the same car (except right now I'm in my parents... a whole nother story) and doing the same job. We don't live together so his stuff isn't hanging around reminding me of him. Except, for the past month he has been living here. Well, staying here. I see his toothbrush on the bathroom shelf. I see 2 of his ties in my cupboard, he thought he'd packed them. I see his pillows on his side of the bed.

Nevertheless he is always leaving stuff here. His side of the bed is the side away from the bedside lamp and the door as I want the easier access to everything. It is my house after all. It is easy to pretend that he is just in Island Bay as per usual and that we are just busy this week. We'll catch up on the weekend. It's probably going to be the weekend that is the weirdest for me.

Luckily I have plans for this weekend. A baby shower (altho he was born early, so we can actually shower the baby! Or at least coo over him) and a 30th birthday in the evening, with dinner with birthday girl before the actual party starts.

Today I had dinner with a friend and played with her 2 year old. This is the same 2 year old that was Kero in the cosplay this year. She is soo cute and loves calling my name in a funny gruff voice. We had Hungry Kiwis Pizza. I've only had that once before... with Beau.

Anyhoo, Tomorrow I have the dress rehearsal of "Maui" to watch, meeting 6.30pm. Jenni is going with me. We'll probably eat after? I should go call her and tell her. I meant to email it earlier. Whoops.

Wednesday, I have semi plans with some friends of Beau. It'll be weird but cool to hang out with them without him. He and I don't normally hang out on a Wednesday anyway as that's when he is normally RPing with these aforementioned friends.

Thurs is my library day. I'll probably have to give these up soon as G&S rehearsals will be Tues and Thurs.

Friday, Evie (and also Jarrat?) and I are making some tentative plans. Not too sure what for yet.

Also, just remembered that I'm RPing on Sunday! Normally Beau is in this group too but we're quite a large group so should be fine.

I hope more craft afternoons are organised 'cause I did some good crafting. Yay for knitting. Soon I might be ready to knit things that take more than one piece, or I might try "knitting in the round"!

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May 17, 2005

Definitely not a Treehouse

Yesterday had Mage game at Evie and Jarrat's house. We have had 4 sessions of that game in 4 locations. It's kinda fun! It was the first time that I've visited their house and I really like it. The painting that they did to the walls is very cool, esp in Evie's sewing room. I was told that they had done a big tidy over the weekend, but I can now only imagine it being as tidy as I first saw it. Also I believe I will always picture it with sushi on the table.

That's right, Sushi! Jarrat made a huge effort and made 3 different types of sushi for us to try + onomayaki! I've had onomayaki before and not enjoyed it but I really liked that one. I also found out I like pickled plum. Yay! Muggle and I contributed Pocky (regular and Mens!) and amphigori brought marshmallow rice crispies (such a neat texture!) and wasabi peas and pistachios. We were well fed. I also got to try a new tea... Moulin Rouge! Yum!

The actual roleplaying was mostly split into two groups, one in "Vegas" and one in Makara. I got the Makara group and it was good. My character is getting more real to me and she's also starting to form better relationship links with the other members of the group. She's starting to meet up with them more out of desire than necessity. That is good. I hope that soon she'll start doing some magic. Which is good in a Mage game :) I also love the description I was given of a Magic Blacksmith, plus Muggle as a mystic Feng Shui artist.

I'm still recovering from the film festival and RPing until 10 wasn't such a good idea, I wasn't really on the ball last night and now tonight Beau and I were supposed to go on a date, but I really do not have the energy nor the inclination. I'm hoping for easy dinner (maybe takeaways but probably re-heated left-overs), bath and in bed by nine. We might be able to combine our date with Friday's viewing of "It's a Wonderful Library". I hope we will anyway.

Also, I've been getting a lot of response to the idea of a craft afternoon. It's looking at being on a Saturday, but that would mean muggle couldn't go, however, that could change...

On the plus side, I did get some sleep last night and I'm feeling heaps more positive about the film festival and the posibility of doing it next year. I'm also starting to get excited about getting into the G&S production. Yay!

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May 16, 2005

The Day in the Life of a Banana Wrangler and Monkey Mimic

I am so tired. Sooo tired. I am also at school at my job. 48hr and 2.41 minute film festival makes everyone tired. Did you note the 2.41minute? Unfortunately that meams we missed the deadline for the film handing in. I think you would expect it to be more crushing than it is. We're just happy we made it and that we still get to have a screening at the Heats. Some people are planning for next year, I'm planning on sitting out.

My lowest point in the film making was when there wasn't any film making. It was at the LARP. I was tired and strung up and even cried in character! Altho only about 2 people noticed, and unfortunately one of them "cast a spell" so that my character would be happy and unworried and enjoy herself. That was kind of hard to do. To switch emotions like that. It didn't last long anyway as someone else "cast a spell" to make my character fall in love with yet another unattainable person. If the LARP had ended there I would have been fine. Nothing much changed for me in game after that. I think it was a good LARP and everyone made a great effort with costume, I was just too tired to really enjoy it.

After the LARP we had more filming to do. I was actually on camera this time and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I look quite pretty. I don't know what I was expecting myself to look like. Puffier and more tired I guess. I'm glad I did look good as it makes me more believable as Cinderella. Altho apparently my hair and outfit looked a bit egyptian??

In awesome good news I got into the Gilbert and Sullivan Chorus for the Gondoliers and so did Sok. Huzzah! Should get more info about that in the next couple of weeks. Practices start in June and the performances will be in September. I'm actually a bit too tired to be really happy about it. I keep thinking, will being in a big production mean I feel as tired as I do now for MONTHS while practises etc are on???

Comment if you want explanations of the title.

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May 13, 2005

Reincarnation on Friday

Frankly, I would prefer not to be reincarnated. In the Buddhist teachings that I've grown up with, reincarnation implies that you are not yet finished. You still have more stuff to make up for. I realise that I am not perfect, so I probably will have to be reincarnated, hopefully as a person so that I can continue to work forward, but I would love to be free to go to heaven and stop the hassel of reincarnation.

Buddha was reincarnated several times as both animals and people. I remember definitely as a monkey and an elephant.

My Mum once told me that in her pregnancy before I was born, she dreamed that a goddess was offering her bracelets and that she had to choose one. She did and it had a weak link and it broke. Shortly after Mum miscarried that baby. She said she knew it wasn't meant to be. She has also said it was because I was impatient to be born!

Mum has also told me several times that we choose our parents. We choose where we will go to. She has also told me that I was a goddess and I chose to return to earth and be reborn. Later when I told Muggle and Keepee and Bambi how I was a goddess Nyah Nyah Nyah, they returned and questioned Mum and she said we had all been gods and goddesses.

When Bambi was little she was sick with cancer. Mum thought it maybe was that she wasn't meant to be Mum's daughter, or that maybe in a past life she had been and Mum hadn't looked after her properly or that maybe Bambi had been her mother and she hadn't been a good daughter. So the cancer was sort of like Karmic retribution. Anyway, Mum thought that maybe certain family friends were meant to be Bambi's parents, they did love her alot and visited her at the hospital frequently. One day while Bambi was still very sick they gave Mum $1 for Bambi, Mum gave them back 1c of it. Bambi is healthy now.

Buddhism for Mum and thus for my whole family isn't as neat and tidy as it is in the temple or in books you may read about it. What religion is?

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May 10, 2005

Feeling Accomplished and Warm

Yesterday I finished my second non-scarf knitting project! Fingerless gloves! They are in a teal-y green and remind me of when I used to wrap the ragged ends of my school jersey around my fingers. They make me want to paint my nails the metallic blue I loved at highschool too! I'm so happy with them. The wool was some I bought from trademe and I'm happy about that too.

Something I am unhappy about on trademe is that I won an auction on Saturday and I've emailed the seller twice since then about payment and deliver etc and I have had no reply! I want to get this auction. It's a flicky reddish kanekalon wig and I wants it! I wonder if their email is broken or something so I tried posting neutral feedback with a message to them as I know they've checked their feedback since Saturday. Why, why, WHY won't they hurry and send me the wig. Not that I'm sure what I'll do with it.

Plus sides of trademe. The two lots of wool I've bought have arrived and are fabulous. The as yet unused lot, I'm wanting to knit into a pretty minty "ballet cardie/ wrap" I need to get a pattern tho. It will be my biggest flashest knitting ever!!! ;)

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May 05, 2005

Phlegm phlegm go away... Never come back!

Bah! I am still sick with this stupid cough. It was going away (after over 2 weeks) but then I had to go back to school, of course. I think I made it worse by washing my hair. I know, it seems like my hair hates me, after all, earlier this year I went to hospital after I hurt my neck brushing my hair. In this case I feel it is my own fault, I went to bed without blow-drying it. There is so much of it and it is getting very cold at night so I think I just chilled my head and made my cold worse. I didn't sleep very well due to coughing and then worrying about my coughing disturbing others. Boo!

To make myself feel warmer with my still-damp hair this morning I wore a brown and cream woolly hat to school. It has patterns of sheep on it and a pom-pom. I felt silly wearing it but I didn't want to make my cold worse by exposing my cold head. However, the students loved it and thought I looked... "cute"! Also, my Sassafrassle told me that I looked all snuggly in it. I think I might actually have made some people jealous with my bobble head! Amazing.

And while we are on the subject of Amazing. I had Y9 fifth period and they were incredibly good. So good, we got past through the work I had vaguely planned and even managed to do a practical! So good, another teacher in the work room next door was amazed and said I must be an amazing teacher myself! I had to tell her it was an eerie fluke though. I honestly am beginning to believe that sitting down and having a 5minute chat with your class at the beginning of the lesson about whatever will encourage them to be good an quiet for the rest. Who knows why?

In other news, I am completely addicted to TradeMe. I made my first trade in the weekend and got it all sorted out... but forgot to give them my address! D'oh! Hopefully I'll get my new wool now. My favourite search terms on it are "kanekalon wig" and "wool". I've also been looking at second hand "Doc Martens", I want some!! Today I was browsing and saw a little white my little pony that I thought Jenni might like to make Goth, but I don't like their prices!

Oh yeah, my computer is fixed and I'm back at school (obviously) so I'll try and post more than 2x a week. You guys should comment and give me a reason to actually do that! ;*

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May 02, 2005

5 kinds of happy

1) Getting up incredibly early today I realised that I did not have to tiptoe around as I normally would as Muggle stayed over at Piripi's. It is nice not to have to worry about waking someone up.

2) Sitting in my car listening to the radio before braving the outside world and school, I was rudely awakened by a friend banging on my bonnet for attention. Her grinning face cheered me up and reminded me of positives to being at work.

3) Trying to organise my class lessons I went through my last year's folders and found that I had pretty good notes and many exercises for my students. I love not being a first year teacher anymore and having resources that are ready to go.

4) Interval was short and I didn't pack any lunch but then I remembered my many packets of Girl Guide Mini's! Yummy! I ate them up and still had time to remind myself about "The Mole" and "Avagadro's number"

5) Tonight I have roleplaying and I'm really looking forward to visiting mundens' house. I'm also really happy because I'm finally feeling that Evie and I are "friends" rather than "friendly". That's kinda personal and I hope it is ok.

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