May 16, 2005

The Day in the Life of a Banana Wrangler and Monkey Mimic

I am so tired. Sooo tired. I am also at school at my job. 48hr and 2.41 minute film festival makes everyone tired. Did you note the 2.41minute? Unfortunately that meams we missed the deadline for the film handing in. I think you would expect it to be more crushing than it is. We're just happy we made it and that we still get to have a screening at the Heats. Some people are planning for next year, I'm planning on sitting out.

My lowest point in the film making was when there wasn't any film making. It was at the LARP. I was tired and strung up and even cried in character! Altho only about 2 people noticed, and unfortunately one of them "cast a spell" so that my character would be happy and unworried and enjoy herself. That was kind of hard to do. To switch emotions like that. It didn't last long anyway as someone else "cast a spell" to make my character fall in love with yet another unattainable person. If the LARP had ended there I would have been fine. Nothing much changed for me in game after that. I think it was a good LARP and everyone made a great effort with costume, I was just too tired to really enjoy it.

After the LARP we had more filming to do. I was actually on camera this time and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I look quite pretty. I don't know what I was expecting myself to look like. Puffier and more tired I guess. I'm glad I did look good as it makes me more believable as Cinderella. Altho apparently my hair and outfit looked a bit egyptian??

In awesome good news I got into the Gilbert and Sullivan Chorus for the Gondoliers and so did Sok. Huzzah! Should get more info about that in the next couple of weeks. Practices start in June and the performances will be in September. I'm actually a bit too tired to be really happy about it. I keep thinking, will being in a big production mean I feel as tired as I do now for MONTHS while practises etc are on???

Comment if you want explanations of the title.

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