May 17, 2005

Definitely not a Treehouse

Yesterday had Mage game at Evie and Jarrat's house. We have had 4 sessions of that game in 4 locations. It's kinda fun! It was the first time that I've visited their house and I really like it. The painting that they did to the walls is very cool, esp in Evie's sewing room. I was told that they had done a big tidy over the weekend, but I can now only imagine it being as tidy as I first saw it. Also I believe I will always picture it with sushi on the table.

That's right, Sushi! Jarrat made a huge effort and made 3 different types of sushi for us to try + onomayaki! I've had onomayaki before and not enjoyed it but I really liked that one. I also found out I like pickled plum. Yay! Muggle and I contributed Pocky (regular and Mens!) and amphigori brought marshmallow rice crispies (such a neat texture!) and wasabi peas and pistachios. We were well fed. I also got to try a new tea... Moulin Rouge! Yum!

The actual roleplaying was mostly split into two groups, one in "Vegas" and one in Makara. I got the Makara group and it was good. My character is getting more real to me and she's also starting to form better relationship links with the other members of the group. She's starting to meet up with them more out of desire than necessity. That is good. I hope that soon she'll start doing some magic. Which is good in a Mage game :) I also love the description I was given of a Magic Blacksmith, plus Muggle as a mystic Feng Shui artist.

I'm still recovering from the film festival and RPing until 10 wasn't such a good idea, I wasn't really on the ball last night and now tonight Beau and I were supposed to go on a date, but I really do not have the energy nor the inclination. I'm hoping for easy dinner (maybe takeaways but probably re-heated left-overs), bath and in bed by nine. We might be able to combine our date with Friday's viewing of "It's a Wonderful Library". I hope we will anyway.

Also, I've been getting a lot of response to the idea of a craft afternoon. It's looking at being on a Saturday, but that would mean muggle couldn't go, however, that could change...

On the plus side, I did get some sleep last night and I'm feeling heaps more positive about the film festival and the posibility of doing it next year. I'm also starting to get excited about getting into the G&S production. Yay!

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