May 23, 2005

My Beau has Left Me...

...and everyone else in this country, as he heads overseas to do some important part of his doctor training. It's funny as I was being silly in the staffroom and saying that "he had left me... for india" and a fellow workmate roundly told me off for scaring him. He initially thought I meant that we had broken up or that he had dumped me. He was worried for me! Aww. Anyway, that is not the case. We are definitely not broken up, we are just seperated by seas is all.

I'm kinda ignoring the fact that I won't see him for months by pretending to myself that I will see him soon. Afterall, my life hasn't changed. I'm still waking up in the same bed, driving in the same car (except right now I'm in my parents... a whole nother story) and doing the same job. We don't live together so his stuff isn't hanging around reminding me of him. Except, for the past month he has been living here. Well, staying here. I see his toothbrush on the bathroom shelf. I see 2 of his ties in my cupboard, he thought he'd packed them. I see his pillows on his side of the bed.

Nevertheless he is always leaving stuff here. His side of the bed is the side away from the bedside lamp and the door as I want the easier access to everything. It is my house after all. It is easy to pretend that he is just in Island Bay as per usual and that we are just busy this week. We'll catch up on the weekend. It's probably going to be the weekend that is the weirdest for me.

Luckily I have plans for this weekend. A baby shower (altho he was born early, so we can actually shower the baby! Or at least coo over him) and a 30th birthday in the evening, with dinner with birthday girl before the actual party starts.

Today I had dinner with a friend and played with her 2 year old. This is the same 2 year old that was Kero in the cosplay this year. She is soo cute and loves calling my name in a funny gruff voice. We had Hungry Kiwis Pizza. I've only had that once before... with Beau.

Anyhoo, Tomorrow I have the dress rehearsal of "Maui" to watch, meeting 6.30pm. Jenni is going with me. We'll probably eat after? I should go call her and tell her. I meant to email it earlier. Whoops.

Wednesday, I have semi plans with some friends of Beau. It'll be weird but cool to hang out with them without him. He and I don't normally hang out on a Wednesday anyway as that's when he is normally RPing with these aforementioned friends.

Thurs is my library day. I'll probably have to give these up soon as G&S rehearsals will be Tues and Thurs.

Friday, Evie (and also Jarrat?) and I are making some tentative plans. Not too sure what for yet.

Also, just remembered that I'm RPing on Sunday! Normally Beau is in this group too but we're quite a large group so should be fine.

I hope more craft afternoons are organised 'cause I did some good crafting. Yay for knitting. Soon I might be ready to knit things that take more than one piece, or I might try "knitting in the round"!

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