May 26, 2005

Keeping Busy / Dating Friends.

So, as planned, in order not to pine overmuch about my Beau's departure to the "orient" I have been keeping busy.


I got organised and had dinner with my friend and workmate AW and her daughter, also AW. This is the same workmate and daughter that went along to Armageddon with me. I love hanging out with mini-A as she is incredibly cute, also she associates me with fun stuff, like dressing up and singing and being read to, so she looks forward to seeing me and acts really cute. She is currently enjoying saying my name a-lot and repetitively. I still think it's cute!

We had Pizza for dinner from "Hungry Kiwis Pizza" a total Hutt thing. They are pretty yummy and they have a "brunch pizza"! It has scrambled eggs and hollandais sauce on it! I love it. Mini-A also loved it. She ate almost as many pieces as me, as well as a cup of frozen peas! She is going to start associating me with Pizza soon as she has only had it twice, and both times I bought it. Hmm.

I was there for mini-A's bathtime and bedtime. At bedtime Mummy-A helped her with saying her prayers. She prayed for me, herself, her Mum, her "auntie" (their flatmate and friend since highschool with mummy-A), her grandparents, her friend's house, cats, dogs and all the little ducks. So cute.

Mummy-A is so cool and was one of my first "school/work friends" and is also a single mum. I think she gets quite frustrated that she can't really go out with other friends who don't have kids, if only because the activities we do often go later than mini-A's bedtime. Not only that but if she does go out without mini-A, she feels abit guilty because she already doesn't see her all day while she is at work. I personally think she is awesome and I feel lucky that I actually get to be quite a large presense in mini-A's little life. Another of my friends recently also became a largely single Mum. I hope that I can support her in some ways too.

Woo that was longer than I'd thought continuing:


Jenni and I had arranged ages ago to see the dress rehearsal of Maui, One Man Against the Gods and we did. It was cool! Even tho we sat way at the back it was still very, very cool! The music was great and the stories familiar, but not at all boring. The set was really neat and I was amazed at how much the stage could do! make doors, turn into steps and so on. Very cool. I also loved the acrobatics, Yay for Aerial work! I wish I could do a whole bunch of that. I wish I could do a lot of things. Not the least being be in a big production like that.

The familiarity of the stories was very handy, because while there were words and speaking, it was all in Te Reo, which I did not understand beyond Ae, Kau and Ka Pai Tama. Ahhh, the huge feeling of ignorance. If I have kids I am totally going to see if I can get them into a Kohanga Reo and then a Kura. Even so, you don't need to understand Maori to understand the story, and if you really are concerned you can buy a programme to explain it all.

Before the show Jenni and I had Nando's for dinner. I should point out that I had Entertainment Book vouchers for all of these places. Anyway we had Nando's for dinner and I paid, because, with the vouchers it was cheap and also, why not? Plus, she should be saving or something. ANyhoo, that was Yum and also made it into a date. At the end of the evening when I dropped Jenni off at home she told me that I was a good date, but that she wasn't inviting me up... oh well, maybe next time ;D. It's nice to know that I'm a good date.


Had dinner with Derek (Entertainment book remember? It ends this coming Tuesday so I'm trying to use it as much as possible, hence all the dinners). I was a bit surprised when he volunteered to have dinner with me, because we've never hung out "on our own". He's more Beau's friend than mind (if you are reading this Derek, you know it is true). We were supposed to go to a vegetarian place from the EB, but it had closed down and turned into a Cosmic Corner, so instead we went to Ban Mai Thai, which I've been meaning to go to for a while. A friend of my Mum's owns it and she was there, she was also 7 months pregnant, which was a bit of a surprise.

I had northern food, which I love. Their Som Tam (a carrot salad) was spicier than I am used to, I think the waitress misheard my "a little hot", or maybe they were thinking I was more Thai than I am, but it was sooo yummy. Derek had green vegetarian curry. I virtuosly did not steal any of it, even tho the mushrooms looked extra delicious.

I had parked my car up by Real Groovey and had to walk past Fidels, which made me think of cheesecake and Evie-chan. I was still thinking about it at the end of dinner and so convinced Derek that I would pay for dinner (he is a poor student) if he would buy me a hot chocolate and a slice of cheesecake. Mmmm cheesecake (and Evie!?). So we went there after dinner and I got there and they didn't have the flavour cheesecake I had been thinking of. Instead they had this strawberry/raspberry/boysenberry flavour.... and it was just as good! Ahhh such delicious cheesecake (and still also thinking of Evie).

I had a really fun time hanging out with Derek, we have never hung out together for that long a time either. I am sure I talked way too much and was probably rude. Well, that is my way. I don't think he hated it tho. He walked me to my car and then we said good-bye.

Two of the people I had dinner with gave me a kiss when we parted. Who???


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