May 13, 2005

Reincarnation on Friday

Frankly, I would prefer not to be reincarnated. In the Buddhist teachings that I've grown up with, reincarnation implies that you are not yet finished. You still have more stuff to make up for. I realise that I am not perfect, so I probably will have to be reincarnated, hopefully as a person so that I can continue to work forward, but I would love to be free to go to heaven and stop the hassel of reincarnation.

Buddha was reincarnated several times as both animals and people. I remember definitely as a monkey and an elephant.

My Mum once told me that in her pregnancy before I was born, she dreamed that a goddess was offering her bracelets and that she had to choose one. She did and it had a weak link and it broke. Shortly after Mum miscarried that baby. She said she knew it wasn't meant to be. She has also said it was because I was impatient to be born!

Mum has also told me several times that we choose our parents. We choose where we will go to. She has also told me that I was a goddess and I chose to return to earth and be reborn. Later when I told Muggle and Keepee and Bambi how I was a goddess Nyah Nyah Nyah, they returned and questioned Mum and she said we had all been gods and goddesses.

When Bambi was little she was sick with cancer. Mum thought it maybe was that she wasn't meant to be Mum's daughter, or that maybe in a past life she had been and Mum hadn't looked after her properly or that maybe Bambi had been her mother and she hadn't been a good daughter. So the cancer was sort of like Karmic retribution. Anyway, Mum thought that maybe certain family friends were meant to be Bambi's parents, they did love her alot and visited her at the hospital frequently. One day while Bambi was still very sick they gave Mum $1 for Bambi, Mum gave them back 1c of it. Bambi is healthy now.

Buddhism for Mum and thus for my whole family isn't as neat and tidy as it is in the temple or in books you may read about it. What religion is?

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