May 10, 2005

Feeling Accomplished and Warm

Yesterday I finished my second non-scarf knitting project! Fingerless gloves! They are in a teal-y green and remind me of when I used to wrap the ragged ends of my school jersey around my fingers. They make me want to paint my nails the metallic blue I loved at highschool too! I'm so happy with them. The wool was some I bought from trademe and I'm happy about that too.

Something I am unhappy about on trademe is that I won an auction on Saturday and I've emailed the seller twice since then about payment and deliver etc and I have had no reply! I want to get this auction. It's a flicky reddish kanekalon wig and I wants it! I wonder if their email is broken or something so I tried posting neutral feedback with a message to them as I know they've checked their feedback since Saturday. Why, why, WHY won't they hurry and send me the wig. Not that I'm sure what I'll do with it.

Plus sides of trademe. The two lots of wool I've bought have arrived and are fabulous. The as yet unused lot, I'm wanting to knit into a pretty minty "ballet cardie/ wrap" I need to get a pattern tho. It will be my biggest flashest knitting ever!!! ;)

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