May 05, 2005

Phlegm phlegm go away... Never come back!

Bah! I am still sick with this stupid cough. It was going away (after over 2 weeks) but then I had to go back to school, of course. I think I made it worse by washing my hair. I know, it seems like my hair hates me, after all, earlier this year I went to hospital after I hurt my neck brushing my hair. In this case I feel it is my own fault, I went to bed without blow-drying it. There is so much of it and it is getting very cold at night so I think I just chilled my head and made my cold worse. I didn't sleep very well due to coughing and then worrying about my coughing disturbing others. Boo!

To make myself feel warmer with my still-damp hair this morning I wore a brown and cream woolly hat to school. It has patterns of sheep on it and a pom-pom. I felt silly wearing it but I didn't want to make my cold worse by exposing my cold head. However, the students loved it and thought I looked... "cute"! Also, my Sassafrassle told me that I looked all snuggly in it. I think I might actually have made some people jealous with my bobble head! Amazing.

And while we are on the subject of Amazing. I had Y9 fifth period and they were incredibly good. So good, we got past through the work I had vaguely planned and even managed to do a practical! So good, another teacher in the work room next door was amazed and said I must be an amazing teacher myself! I had to tell her it was an eerie fluke though. I honestly am beginning to believe that sitting down and having a 5minute chat with your class at the beginning of the lesson about whatever will encourage them to be good an quiet for the rest. Who knows why?

In other news, I am completely addicted to TradeMe. I made my first trade in the weekend and got it all sorted out... but forgot to give them my address! D'oh! Hopefully I'll get my new wool now. My favourite search terms on it are "kanekalon wig" and "wool". I've also been looking at second hand "Doc Martens", I want some!! Today I was browsing and saw a little white my little pony that I thought Jenni might like to make Goth, but I don't like their prices!

Oh yeah, my computer is fixed and I'm back at school (obviously) so I'll try and post more than 2x a week. You guys should comment and give me a reason to actually do that! ;*

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