May 02, 2005

5 kinds of happy

1) Getting up incredibly early today I realised that I did not have to tiptoe around as I normally would as Muggle stayed over at Piripi's. It is nice not to have to worry about waking someone up.

2) Sitting in my car listening to the radio before braving the outside world and school, I was rudely awakened by a friend banging on my bonnet for attention. Her grinning face cheered me up and reminded me of positives to being at work.

3) Trying to organise my class lessons I went through my last year's folders and found that I had pretty good notes and many exercises for my students. I love not being a first year teacher anymore and having resources that are ready to go.

4) Interval was short and I didn't pack any lunch but then I remembered my many packets of Girl Guide Mini's! Yummy! I ate them up and still had time to remind myself about "The Mole" and "Avagadro's number"

5) Tonight I have roleplaying and I'm really looking forward to visiting mundens' house. I'm also really happy because I'm finally feeling that Evie and I are "friends" rather than "friendly". That's kinda personal and I hope it is ok.

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