April 28, 2005

The Laziest Holidays in the World

I've been seeing people and they keep asking me tricky questions, like, "what have you been doing over your holidays?"

NOTHING!!! I've been doing NOTHING!

Seriously, tho. I can't think of much. I'll try to write down some stuff I've done...

Cosplayed, but that was only the first weekend...

I remember that during the first week I slept in until afternoon a lot...

Bean visited from Chch from Sat until Early Tues, and while she was visiting we went to Tee-Pee's engagement party at Goodluck bar. That place is hidden as a hidden thing and I think Che-fu was there. Their party was like a Saint Pat's Old Boy Reunion! Mad. I got to hang out with some ex-otagites so that was cool. Turns out another person I know is going to TCol. Will the madness never end?...

Oh, that weekend I also went to a birthday party and Great India which was a little more expensive than I had planned, but then I realised I only pay my mortgage monthly not fortnightly and it suddenly seemed like I had double the money I had thought I had. Or something...

While Bean was visiting my computer broke and I started obsessively playing JakII on my PS2. That is over tho as I lent my PS2 to a workmate so that her daughter could have Singstar at her birthday. I'm like 80% through it. Normally I get sick on computer games, but this has held me enraptured for a record amount of time. Beau bought Kingdom Hearts for me to play but it is melting my brain with its lack of helpfulness. JakII is much more straightforward, altho I wish there was a fishing mini-game like in Jak & Daxter. I like mini-game fishing for some reason...

Went shopping at Savemart with Rachel earlier on in the week which was good. I bought a beautiful Sari of beautifulness for $15! I just need to figure out how to wear it...

I meant to go shopping today, but have got Bambi, my littlest sister to agree to go with me tomorrow! Hurrah! I need Pants, a Winter Top and some kind of boot that actually fits me. Probably have to be ankle. Stupid insanely large calves!

That's it for now. Does anyone else no what I've done with the last week and a half?

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April 27, 2005

where I've been

computer is broken + being on holiday = no updating from Giffy. I'm going to the library tomorrow so I'll try and do one then.

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April 21, 2005

Heh, being paranoid

So basically, I'm pretty sure I've avoided my students realising that I've got an online presence so far. If only because they don't think of "old people" as having blogs. But, those days are gone. Still, I'm sure it's likely that even tho they realise that I am online now, they won't care about the boring lives of their teacher enough to bother reading my blog.

*fingers crossed*

It's just a weird idea that they would. Altho, I'm tempted to read theirs! oh!

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April 19, 2005

Shush, I'm busy resting!

So have been on school holidays since Friday afternoon and have been pretty busy the whole time. I've also been sick the whole time

Friday I rushed out of school as soon as it was over and didn't hand in my register! Oops! I'll probably get in trouble for that. I'll see if I can hand it in tomorrow.

Anyway, I didn't go over the Haywards so it took a while but I went to "Pram" and had dinner at Matt and Debz' with my Beau. I also had plans to drop by Alan's Birthday but too sick to have the energy for that. Matt and Debz also had breakfast foods for us and had thought I was staying over, apparently everyone did except me. Sick, with contacts on, but no case to put them in and needing to be at Armageddon by 8am the next day. No surprise we didn't stay over. Did enjoy the time I spent there tho. Yay!

Saturday was a day of sitting in the Animation room and spending too much money on Anime I had already seen. Still, can't actually get the energy up to be disappointed. I saw "Get Backers" and think I shall need to own that at a later date. Also, Full Metal Alchemist. Seems cool.

Sat evening had dinner at Jenni and Lees and forced beau and sass to briefly attend a farewell to a workmate of mine. Was reminded about register

Sunday was full of cosplay. I really enjoyed it this year and as part of Jenni and my cosplay we had my workmate's two year old daughter dressed up as the cutest Kero (from CCS) ever! Soooo cute! "What the Hell" Cute! I'll see if I can get some pictures. We got in the "top ten". 1st prize was cool, as was everyone really. I'm wondering if they wished they could have gotten money, altho the cellphone they got was pretty cool. Our Kero was not only cute but well behaved. I gave her much cuddles and pizza. She seemed to have a fun time. Her mum found it neat and strange how many people recognised the costume because she personally had no idea!

Sunday evening I blobbed and Sass and I had Hell pizza. Sooo lazy.

Monday I joyfully slept in and had lunch with Phreq and Jenni. Also managed to pop into school to get stuff so that I could actually do my register. In the evening I had fun RPing. Although not that much stuff happened I did eat a lot of snacks. Loaded Hog has some weird and delicious seasoned cashew nuts. Must have them again. Fidels had delicious apricot cheesecake...ahm.. must have!

Today in order to get rid of all that junk I ingested I slept in, ate leftovers and didn't get dressed until after 2pm. Althoughm in all honesty I am not completely slack, I'm at the library right now covering for someone else. Otherwise I might not have gotten dressed at all!

Tomorrow I'm having lunch at the Japanese teachers house. We're going to make sushi! I might see if I can be bothered getting up early and going into school and dropping off my register!

I love being on holiday.

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April 14, 2005

Theres an ache in my head and its half the way to China!

That heading makes no sense, but I have had a head ache on an off the last few days. I think I'm staying up too late and just generally not resting enough. Students are also being a pain as the countdown to the holidays has really stepped up.

Today had a funnish thing of a student acclaiming upon me taking off my coat and revealing my outfit.

"Your sense of style is so strange!.. It's cool."

It was because I have this black sweaterdress thing and I like to break up the line of it around my hips and I don't have a belt so I used a ribbon. Apparently strange and cool. She might also have been commenting on the yellow hat I was wearing at formtime. It has ears on it.

My headache could also be due to my hair. It's long and pulling on my head and definitly does give me a headache some days when I wear it in a high-ish ponytail. I need a haircut. I just can't be arsed to actually get one.

The cold mornings make me slow and sluggish and I also feel a cold coming on, just in time for the holidays. Typical. I just hope it stays on hold long enough for me to go healthily to Armageddon!

A workmate of mine is moving to the UK with her husband for good and she is leaving me her pantry. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. This will be a welcome boost to the flat foodstuffs which is especially handy as the Electricity bill arrived yesterday. Boo! I'm going to go over to her house after my time and the library and pick it all up. I'm quite curious as to what exactly I'll be taking away. I hope there isn't too much stuff as I do want to try to get more than the 7 hours sleep a night I've had the last 4 nights.

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April 13, 2005

It's about time- same as LJ

School and students have sucked out all my energy, or that might be the sewing I am doing in preparation for Armageddon. I've also been telling the students about it and occasionally showing them samples. I don't think any of them are entering the cosplay competition this year but they do know others who are and some are thinking of entering next year.

Zeb (if you read this), can we go first in the Judging? Just 'cause... we might need to. Also, can jenni get her pass the same time as me so that she can come in on Sat too?

ANyhoo, it's not the sewing itself so much as the commute to Beau's parents to use the machinery there. I am so glad my house is closer to school than theirs.

Pluses to cosplay is that may sewing skills do improve every year. Last night I made a hat! It is soo cute, but probably too big for the person it's intended for so I might have to keep it and make another smaller one. The thing is it was an effort making the hat, so I'm tempted just to go, oh well, it's too big, that'll still be cute. Then again, I kinda want to prove to myself that I can make another one. Ahhh the horror! I also want to keep it. So cute!

I think I might be getting a hot chocolate now. Must go.

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April 11, 2005

*blink blink*

I seem to remember that there was a weekend but it went so fast and too fast!

Autumn is well and truly upon us and the cold of Saturday night reminded me that it is "Bread and Butter Pudding Time" once more! I used my regular recipe, but this time I added slices of apple. I'm still perplexed as to the name, when there is no butter in it, but nevermind.

I also seem to recall many visitors descending on our house. I was pretty slack with the invites for this, so I think we had less people turning up than may otherwise have. The house was still pretty (pleasantly?) full. People came and left at different times so it's difficult to tell how many people actually saw our place. I know most of my work mates were too busy or tired to attend. I also know the rugby prevented a fair amount of people, and I'm fine with that. One super-cool thing is that Morgue called our house from Edinburgh! Yay the Morgue!

I was non-slack in some ways, such as the large amount of asparagus rolls Sok and I made... actually, I think that was my main contribution to the flat warming. Sass and I also went on a mega-shop for it on Saturday... I said Hi to a lot of people and did some tours of the house... That isn't slack, right?

I also did some sewing this weekend for Armageddon. Jenni and I changed our minds (again?) and decided that we would enter the cosplay competition altho we're being pretty slack about it. I have made some pants and a top already. I need to check if the top I made fits. It might be too tight across the middle.

School is currently all strange as people womble around like zombies. Only 4 days after today until the holidays. I need a rest. I might actually get to do some work in the garden! The horror!!

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April 08, 2005

The entertainment book debut.

Yay! I bought and entertainment book this year and since Beau doesn't have to go to "school" today we decided to go on a date last night. I used the entertainment book and decided to go to Aubergine, solely on the fact that one of the dessert items listed was "jasmine tea creme brulee". Soo fascinating!

Aubergine is a french themed restaurant run by a couple from Hong Kong. It is a intimate setting, perfect for a dinner for two altho 4 would probably also be great. It is on Tinakori Road and has many flash dining neighbours.

Beau and I decided to skip entrees altho we both had hot bread rolls with butter. For mains I had Duck confit with potato and mini bok choy. The duck was quite salty but it worked sooo well with the potato and mini bok choy. I especially tried to eat slowly and chew alot because I wanted this meal to last! Beau had a steak, I forget what else was on it. I do remember that his meat was tender and just plain tasty! We also shared the side dish of the day which was delicious pan-fried mushrooms and fresh green beans with mixed herbs. Beau loved the mushrooms!

For dessert I got my jasmine tea creme brulee with green apple sorbet, Beau had sticky date and walnut pudding with ice-cream. Both incredibly good. I'm not sure if I would always have jasmine tea creme brulee but the apple sorbet was fabulous and they complemented each other really well. Beau said that the pudding was exactly what he felt like and he doesn't even normally like walnuts!

In other news: House warming this Sunday from noon-6pm. Email me for more details.

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April 05, 2005

Dresses and Disasters

Well not actually, but I can see if I can write something relevant to the title.

Re: Dresses

Well, on Sat I bumbled along with chelle, Jenni and famille to witness Jenni looking extremely bridal for about an hour. All the dresses were fabulous but one especially so. I wanted Jenni to have her hair up, but the others said it looked good. I think we'll all be happy when she has her tiara on. I think the one she tried on sat a little too far back, or something. It wasn't quite right anyway.

We also looked at colours for the bridesmaids and we're looking at "cornflower blue" altho that will depend on the colour of the material that Jenni gets. It suits Chelle and K (they both have blue eyes) and I won't look terrible. They were asking me what style of dress that I was thinking of and I don't know. Jenni and Chelle seemed quite keen on a a cowl necked dress similar in style to the one that I wore on my birthday, but I still don't know. I'll probably have to pay for mine to get made and I don't really want to make my mind up until we get the material at least.

Re: Disaster- not really

I'm still not really happy with my shape and size and it makes it difficult for me to get enthusiastic about clothes. Even tho I reached a mini-target (75) which means I'm "allowed" to go shopping, I don't really want to. I guess that is a kind of disaster. The whole shopping, clothes, self-image thing is leaving me feeling kind of blah, altho that could be due to the junk I've been eating. I think I'm gonna say no fizzy no chippy again for a while as I have been eating too much of it recently.

I've also not done much exercise for a while, so much for the great incredible shrinking Giffy! It's partly because the past week was so bitsy. I was only at school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is a day where I would go to the "fit pit" at school but we had a department meeting so that fell through. On Thursday I normally play tennis last period, but parent-teacher interviews from 2-6pm meant that didn't happen either, but Hell pizza did! On Friday I have been known to attend running club but the weather was too bad for it! So lazy!

I have done a tiny bit of Swiss Ball stuff and I'll probably do that again tonight. I planned to go the "fit pit" tonight (and last night but had deans and formteachers meeting!) but I have unexpectedly got a PRT (provisionally registered teacher) meeting after school. I won't be able to go on Wednesday either because the second round of parent-teacher meetings. I'm feeling down because of this so I will have to really make sure I do my Swiss Ball stuff. I want to get up to 3 repetitions of the exercises now.

Anyhoo, school seems to be going ok, altho I've been feeling disorganised and my Y12 Chem stuff is tricky. On the plus side they mostly passed their internal and I thought maybe I'd been bad and taught them all the wrong stuff, but it turns out that some of them just didn't learn what I had taught them. Phew!

Y11 and Y12 both have topic tests next week and Y9 already had them, so seems I'll be marking over the weekend and then the holidays. Boo!

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April 04, 2005

An entry I wrote on Friday

Pants-upsters, the Latest Thing!

Matt and Debz gave me (among other cool things) a pair of black “pants-upsters” (aka braces aka Suspenders). I’ve been really happy with them, ‘cause I’ve been losing weight and my already low-hanging pants have been hanging ever lower. I don’t really like belts and lots of my pants don’t have belt-loops anyway. So pants-upsters are the perfect thing for me. I wore them to school yesterday and showed my students and they found that pretty funny (which is fine) and some also found them cool (which is fine). Then, while staying behind for Parent-Teacher meeting one of my students comes up and says “Look Miss!” She had gone out with a friend and they’d both bought a pair! They are wearing them too! Under their jerseys with school uniform even! My student also said that on their way back to school yesterday when they’d just bought them a woman approached them and asked where they’d found their pants-upsters and they told her, she said she would go there straight away!

Will you join the madness? They really are super-cool!

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