April 13, 2005

It's about time- same as LJ

School and students have sucked out all my energy, or that might be the sewing I am doing in preparation for Armageddon. I've also been telling the students about it and occasionally showing them samples. I don't think any of them are entering the cosplay competition this year but they do know others who are and some are thinking of entering next year.

Zeb (if you read this), can we go first in the Judging? Just 'cause... we might need to. Also, can jenni get her pass the same time as me so that she can come in on Sat too?

ANyhoo, it's not the sewing itself so much as the commute to Beau's parents to use the machinery there. I am so glad my house is closer to school than theirs.

Pluses to cosplay is that may sewing skills do improve every year. Last night I made a hat! It is soo cute, but probably too big for the person it's intended for so I might have to keep it and make another smaller one. The thing is it was an effort making the hat, so I'm tempted just to go, oh well, it's too big, that'll still be cute. Then again, I kinda want to prove to myself that I can make another one. Ahhh the horror! I also want to keep it. So cute!

I think I might be getting a hot chocolate now. Must go.

Posted by giffy at April 13, 2005 01:26 PM