April 08, 2005

The entertainment book debut.

Yay! I bought and entertainment book this year and since Beau doesn't have to go to "school" today we decided to go on a date last night. I used the entertainment book and decided to go to Aubergine, solely on the fact that one of the dessert items listed was "jasmine tea creme brulee". Soo fascinating!

Aubergine is a french themed restaurant run by a couple from Hong Kong. It is a intimate setting, perfect for a dinner for two altho 4 would probably also be great. It is on Tinakori Road and has many flash dining neighbours.

Beau and I decided to skip entrees altho we both had hot bread rolls with butter. For mains I had Duck confit with potato and mini bok choy. The duck was quite salty but it worked sooo well with the potato and mini bok choy. I especially tried to eat slowly and chew alot because I wanted this meal to last! Beau had a steak, I forget what else was on it. I do remember that his meat was tender and just plain tasty! We also shared the side dish of the day which was delicious pan-fried mushrooms and fresh green beans with mixed herbs. Beau loved the mushrooms!

For dessert I got my jasmine tea creme brulee with green apple sorbet, Beau had sticky date and walnut pudding with ice-cream. Both incredibly good. I'm not sure if I would always have jasmine tea creme brulee but the apple sorbet was fabulous and they complemented each other really well. Beau said that the pudding was exactly what he felt like and he doesn't even normally like walnuts!

In other news: House warming this Sunday from noon-6pm. Email me for more details.

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