April 04, 2005

An entry I wrote on Friday

Pants-upsters, the Latest Thing!

Matt and Debz gave me (among other cool things) a pair of black “pants-upsters” (aka braces aka Suspenders). I’ve been really happy with them, ‘cause I’ve been losing weight and my already low-hanging pants have been hanging ever lower. I don’t really like belts and lots of my pants don’t have belt-loops anyway. So pants-upsters are the perfect thing for me. I wore them to school yesterday and showed my students and they found that pretty funny (which is fine) and some also found them cool (which is fine). Then, while staying behind for Parent-Teacher meeting one of my students comes up and says “Look Miss!” She had gone out with a friend and they’d both bought a pair! They are wearing them too! Under their jerseys with school uniform even! My student also said that on their way back to school yesterday when they’d just bought them a woman approached them and asked where they’d found their pants-upsters and they told her, she said she would go there straight away!

Will you join the madness? They really are super-cool!

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